As the end of the year approaches, one thing is for certain: tax season is approaching. But even after a profitable year and meticulous planning, you may still face high taxes that can set you back. How would you like to reduce your taxes while simultaneously increasing next year’s profit? Consider starting a direct mail marketing campaign before the end of the year.

We can set up your direct mail marketing campaign this year and have them mail out at the beginning of next year. That means you can start 2017 with leads coming in. Try a larger campaign or a multi-touch campaign to save the most on your taxes and to ensure a strong start for the new year. Turbo Tax recommends making a bulk purchase at the end of the year to help reduce your taxes. Because you will get a tax deduction for the year that the business expense was made, spending more will actually help you save more in the long run.

At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer several direct mail marketing campaign options so you can make the best selection for your budget. Starting a campaign is quick and simple and we can even provide a mailing list for you. We will send each letter in a hand addressed envelope, so your potential clients will open and read your message. We also offer several envelope and postcard colors, so you can match the season. You can actually relax during a notoriously stressful time of year knowing that everything for your campaign has been taken care of for you.

Browse our yellow letter, typed letter, and postcard templates to help choose your mail piece(s) for your campaign. Contact us today to hear more about how you can reduce your taxes by starting a direct mail marketing campaign today.

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One Response to “Reduce Your Taxes with Direct Mail Marketing”

Craig Burden December 15, 2016

Great Blog with good truth and marketing your product. It motivated me to place a post card order with Kari and got it down today!
Thanks Yellow Letters and keep up the fantastic work I know you are doing.
Craig in Greeley

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