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Types of Leads

There are several types of leads to use when looking for motivated sellers or buyers. When looking for property sellers, popular leads lists include Notice of Default, Pre-Notice of Default (Pre-NOD), Absentee Owned Properties, High Equity and Low Equity leads. They can be pulled by zip code or county, and are outstanding sources for finding motivated sellers with yellow letter marketing. We suppress data when filling lead lists, which means you will not be marketing to the same leads as our other clients in your area.

Property Seller Leads

Notice of Default leads are people for whom the foreclosure process has started. These mailing lists can be filtered by foreclosure filing date or upcoming auction date. Since these are people who are behind on their payments, they are highly likely to be motivated sellers.

Pre-Notice of Default leads are folks who are 30, 60 or 90 days past due on their mortgage. These are people who may need to sell their property or face foreclosure, and can be extremely motivated to sell or refinance. These leads come from credit data so you need to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act to market to these leads.

Absentee Owned Property leads are for properties that may be rental properties, vacation homes, or a house that is sitting vacant after the owner has moved. This list can be combined with filters for high equity, purchase date and date of birth of the owner, which can help make these property owners very motivated to sell.

Interest Rate leads will filter for people with a fixed or adjustable mortgage. People with an adjustable rate mortgage who purchased the property several years ago can be beyond the fixed rate portion of their loan, making it likely that are motivated to sell.

High Equity leads are for homes with at least 50% equity in the property. Combining this mailing list with an older purchase date and date of birth can yield excellent leads for wholesaling.

Low Equity leads are for properties with little to no equity. These leads are prime short sale candidates.

Property Buyer Leads

Property buyers can be found by sending yellow letters to High Net Worth leads or Renter leads.

High Net Worth leads are individuals who have a minimum of $1,000,000 in liquid assets. This mailing list can be filtered by real estate investors or non-real estate investors. This is a great list if you are looking for cash buyers or investment funds.

Renter leads are people who are currently renting an apartment, duplex or house. These leads work well if you have an entry level house to sell or you are looking for a lease option tenant.

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