When the market was HOT (2000-2005), thousands among thousands of people were buying up houses left and right. They were making investments and building portfolios.  They were being persuaded to buy while the interest rates were low (which were Adjustable rate mortgages) and while the market was hot.  Little did they know that they best time to buy is when the market bubble has popped. That’s when you get the best deals on the planet and THOSE are the properties that ar a smart choie for buy and hold portfolios.

Nevertheless, there are hundreds of thousands of owners who purchased these properties as investments, and are now feeling the pinch of the economy, and the slow market conditions.  These property owners can be classified as absentee owners. They are people who own a property other than the one that they live in or occpy themselves.

Marketing to absentee owners is a smart move for real estate investors and Realtors. There is a gold mine to be earned in this untapped market.  While everyone is focused on pre-foreclosures and short sales, you can be paying attention to those people who are being ignored – the absentee owner.

Buy your list of Absentee Owners TODAY and start marketing to this group of motivated sellers.

You can order by calling our office at 1-888-294-0780 Ext 701.

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One Response to “Make a Killing On Absentee Owners”

Tracy Caywood July 1, 2010

A great mailing list coupled with crummy letter will not yield much for results, just as a great letter with a crummy mailing list will not give you many responses. Get a great list AND a great letter to save your self time and effort.

YellowLettersComplete.com offers absentee owner mailing lists, and we can package them with handwritten yellow letters customized for your marketing campaign.

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