With the new year quickly approaching, it’s time to plan your marketing budget. Read below for three steps to help plan your marketing budget.


The first step in planning your marketing budget is to get organized! Do you have a mailing list or do you need one? What kind of postage should you use? How frequently should you mail? How much can you spend on marketing?

Although it may take time to initially plan your budget, your hard work will pay off in the end. By taking the time to plan your budget, you can organize your schedule to consistently reach new leads. By keeping leads in your pipeline, you can start to predict, and even grow, revenue!

Choosing your Mail Piece

When choosing your mail piece, you will want it to compliment your mailing list and appeal to your target audience. Don’t have a list? We’ve got you covered! We can provide you with a variety of mailing list and filter options to help you get your phone ringing! We also offer a variety of templates to choose from, or we can help customize your mail piece.

Once you have chosen your mail piece, you can choose which postage type you would like to use. Carefully consider the cost and benefits of each postage type when planning your budget. When it comes to direct mail marketing, it’s important to keep in mind that pricing may vary depending on your mail piece. Fortunately, at Yellow Letters Complete, we make pricing easy by including your mail piece, postage, and truly hand addressed envelopes in the per unit cost.


After you have done your initial organizing and have chosen your mail piece, it is time to consider how many touches you plan on sending to your list. Sending multiple touches is a great way to increase your response rate and return on investment. By reaching out more than one time, you build name recognition and establish trust. This helps you get the most out of your mailing list! When creating your multi-touch campaign, you can also choose the schedule between touches to help you plan out your marketing timeline.

As you prepare your budget, consider setting up an ongoing campaign. With an ongoing campaign, you set it up once and we take care of the rest. Your campaign will mail on autopilot! If you need to adjust your schedule, just give us a call and we can make the schedule adjustments to your campaign. Ongoing campaigns can also help you stay on track with your budget by helping you plan your monthly or even weekly marketing costs. This can help you budget your entire year!

While there are many factors to consider when budgeting for your direct mail marketing efforts, Yellow Letters Complete is here to help!

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Want to increase your response rate and save yourself time and effort when it comes to your direct mail campaign? At Yellow Letters Complete, you can set up an ongoing multi-touch campaign to consistently reach new leads on a schedule that works for you!

There are several benefits to using a multi-touch direct mail marketing campaign. While sending out one letter is a good start, sending more than one touch will help increase your response rate. By sending to a mailing list multiple times, you begin to build name recognition and establish credibility. Multi-touch campaigns also give you the freedom to customize your campaign and experiment with a variety of mail pieces.

Now imagine receiving the benefits of a multi-touch campaign without worrying about the set up of each campaign. With an ongoing multi-touch campaign, you set it up once and it runs on autopilot. We can have your letters mailing out on a schedule that works best for you to help your phone keep ringing! If you find yourself too busy closing deals, simply let us know and we can adjust your mailing schedule.

Ready to set up an ongoing multi-touch campaign, but don’t have a mailing list? No problem! We offer several types of mailing lists to help fit your campaign. We can pull a new batch of leads on the schedule of your choice so your ongoing multi-touch campaign consistently reaches new leads. By reaching out several times to motivated leads on autopilot, your response increases while your work decreases. Talk about a win-win!

Given the benefits of a multi-touch and ongoing campaign, why not enjoy the best of both worlds and keep your phone ringing with new leads! To learn more about how you can set up an ongoing multi-touch campaign, give us a call today!

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Do you have a large mailing list you would like to mail to, but don’t want to be overwhelmed by mailing it out all at once? Try sending an ongoing campaign! You decide how many letters you mail on a schedule that works for you. We will send your direct mail on autopilot until you put your campaign on hold or your list runs out.

Don’t have a list? No problem! We can set up an ongoing campaign that includes a mailing list. Simply choose the number of leads you want to mail to and we will send your direct mail on autopilot. All of this happens on the schedule of your choice!

Ongoing campaigns are a great option for a few reasons:

  1. You’re busy, and planning your marketing can take time… With an ongoing campaign, you spend less time setting up your marketing and more time reaping the rewards! You set your campaign up ONCE and we take care of everything else.
  2. Sending out a massive campaign can be overwhelming when the calls start to come in. Ongoing campaigns can help space out your mailings so the response is manageable for YOU.
  3. We can charge as we mail each batch. This helps you plan your marketing budget and can space out the payment of a large mailing list.

Ongoing campaigns are a wonderful solution for handling large mailing lists, and they are even better for managing your precious time. We understand you are busy, but we also understand that marketing is vital to keep calls coming in. Ongoing campaigns are a great way to get the best of both worlds. Once you set up your campaign, you don’t have to worry about it again until your list runs out!

If you’re interested in setting up an ongoing campaign, contact us today!

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At Yellow Letters Complete, we are here to help you get results with your direct mail marketing campaign. You have learned about our unique order process and environmentally friendly paper, but these are just a few of the things we do to help your campaign shine.

Continue below to learn five more advantages of working with Yellow Letters Complete!

1. Custom Templates and Proofs

When you set up your order, we will create a proof of your mail piece for you to review before we print your campaign. This way, you can confirm that all of your information is accurate.

Also, while we offer several effective templates, you can show your creative side by using a custom template for your campaign. We even offer a customized stationery creation service to help your message stand out!

2. Mailing List Options

We offer several mailing list options, including absentee owned, owner occupied, high equity, low equity, and distressed property lists. We also have filter options including length of ownership, market value of the property, and several others. Simply provide the area you are interested in and we can run a count to see what is available.

We also suppress our data for 6 months, which means we will not provide the same leads to anyone else for at least 6 months after you purchase your list.

3. Truly Hand-Addressed Envelopes

Some companies offer envelopes that look handwritten, but our envelopes really, truly are! That’s right, every single envelope is individually addressed by hand, by a real person. This personal touch helps your envelopes get opened and your message read.

4. Super Fast Turn-Around Time

Our turn-around time is so quick because we understand that timing is important. When you approve your order, we can have your campaign mailing out within a few days!

5. Schedule Control

We will work with you to find the schedule that best suits your campaign. We can even automate your campaign to mail on a fixed schedule of your choice. If your schedule needs to change, just let us know and we can update your future mailings. Whether you want to mail once a month or once a week, you are in control. We also offer flexible scheduling of the mail dates for multiple touch campaigns. You decide when we mail!

With every mailing, we also send a seed letter to your address. This helps inform you when your mail pieces are landing so you can predict and track your response.

Contact us today to learn more about Yellow Letters Complete and how we can help your direct mail marketing campaign stand out!

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Is keeping our earth clean and protected important to you? At Yellow Letters Complete, we share these values.  As a direct mail marketing company, we use a lot of paper, and we know that can have an impact on the environment. To keep our footprint small, we use environmentally friendly paper products and recycle all paper waste.

Since we only get one environment, it is important to treat it well. When setting up your campaign, we can ensure that the products you order are safely manufactured, high in quality, and healthy to our environment. We source our paper products from a company that shares our desire to protect the environment. Quality monitoring ensures that our paper products meet high standards. Even the fiber in the paper is sourced from well-managed, independently certified forests.

Our paper supplier works with many organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Forest Stewardship Council™(FSC). These three widely known pro-environment organizations hold high standards when it comes to certification. For example, a company must source materials from responsibly managed forests to receive recognition from the FSC.

By choosing to use sustainably sourced paper products, your direct mail campaign will stand out…in a good way! We offer our environmentally friendly paper products in several colors. Try sending different products to see what works best for your target audience. The best part? You will be supporting the environment!

Our paper products help aid in keeping our earth clean. Have the best of both worlds by sending high quality paper created by responsibly managed forests. Definitely something to write home about…especially if it’s on environmentally friendly paper!

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At Yellow Letters Complete, we are here to help your direct mail marketing campaign stand out. So what makes us different than other marketing companies? Read below to see just one example of how a campaign from Yellow Letters Complete might look.

1. You submit an order for 500 names with your mailing list. You decide to send yellow letters with standard stamps, hand addressed ivory envelopes, and red ink. Yellow Letters Complete quickly responds and tells you when you can expect your proofs to be sent to your email for approval. This is usually the same day that you submit your order!

2. Our staff sets up your order and updates your account details. We create your template and add proofs of your letter and return address to your file. The order goes through a quality check process to ensure that your order details are correct. We then send your proofs and contract to your email for approval.

3. You receive your proof and it looks great! You read and sign the approval contract. Once you sign the contract, we send you a confirmation email letting you know we received your approval. We also include your scheduled mail date.

4. We then prepare the mailing list you provided to be compatible with our merging software. This process cleans up your names and addresses. This includes switching your information to proper case, eliminating any extra spaces, and removing exact duplicate records. We add your name and mailing information to the list so you will receive a letter as well. This helps you know when your letters are landing. Your prepared mailing list goes through a quality check process to ensure that our formatting did not skew your information and that all necessary fields are present.

5. After we format your mailing list, we merge the correct fields into your letter with our proprietary font software. This font software uses real variable handwriting to make your entire letter look authentically handwritten.

6. Once we merge your letter, we print and check the first record. We confirm that your letters have been merged correctly, your information is accurate, the message contains no grammatical errors, and that any images are crisp and clear. We make any necessary adjustments and repeat the process. Once your letter looks great, we print the entire order.

7. Your printed letters go through a quality check process to make sure there are no ink blots or quality issues that occurred when printing.

8. A writer will then address each envelope by hand, fold and stuff each letter, and place a stamp and return address on each of your envelopes. Each letter is checked individually for quality as it is folded and stuffed into the envelope. Any letters with problems are reprinted.

9. Once the writer has hand addressed every envelope, the completed order goes through a fifth quality check. We check each envelope for neatness and spelling. Our staff also checks the placement of each stamp and return address. A portion of the letters for each campaign is checked to ensure the letters are folded correctly and are in the correct envelopes.

10. Finally, we take your completed order to the post office. Our staff at Yellow Letters Complete then sends an email confirming that we have mailed your letters.

We put the same effort and enthusiasm into every order. Best of all? We can have your order mailing out with a super fast turn around time!

Our goal is to get YOUR phone ringing. To learn more about Yellow Letters Complete and how we can help with your direct mail marketing needs, contact us today.

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While some messages benefit from sending to multiple generations, there are also campaigns that are better fit for a single age group. Deciding to mail to a single generation may limit your audience, but it will also deliver your message to the group that is most receptive.

As your business grows, your audience may shift. Taking the time to learn about different generational marketing techniques will save you time and energy in the future.  By tailoring your message and mail piece, your message is more likely to resonate with your target audience.

Below are some characteristics of three generations. While these pattern-based traits may not hold true for each person, they can serve as a tool to help learn more about your audience.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers include those born between 1946 and 1964. This generation values self-assurance and a strong work ethic. When it comes to marketing, Baby Boomers appreciate a direct approach. They want to know the value of your services, so be sure to explain the benefits of your service or product. As many Baby Boomers are of retirement age, they may be looking to liquidate their assets to create a stress-free retirement. Because of this, Baby Boomers are a great option when mailing to an absentee owned property list.

Gen Xers

Generation X includes those born between 1965 to 1980. Gen Xers are often described as self-reliant and skeptical, as many face concerns about saving for retirement. To appeal to money-conscious Gen Xers, be sure to highlight any deals you have to offer. Gen Xers also value information, so use a clear message. Try mailing a typed letter for a formal, credible appearance.


Millennials include those born between the early 1980s and early 2000’s and grew up having many communication methods at their disposal. Try providing options to respond to your message, such as by phone, text, email, or through a website. This age group also relies on reviews, so try including testimonials in your mail piece.  Send a yellow letter in a hand addressed envelope to help your message stand out!

Test your mail piece and message to find the best fit for your audience. Learn more about our mail pieces and mailing list options to improve your campaign. To hear more about how you can send a generational marketing campaign, contact us today.

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