Do you wish your marketing could just mail automatically without having to set up campaign after campaign? Direct mail ongoing campaigns can help save time by sending your direct mail on autopilot!

An ongoing campaign is similar to any other direct mail campaign. The only difference is that you only have to set up your campaign once! After that, your campaign runs on autopilot. We will send the quantity of your choice from your mailing list until your list runs out. If you need a list, we can pull a new list of leads for each mailing. We will then send your mail pieces out on the timeline of your choice. You can even decide how long you want to wait in between mailings.

Ongoing campaigns offer several benefits. You can set up your marketing ONCE and then you don’t have to worry about constantly planning and setting up new campaigns. Ongoing campaigns can also help you plan your budget. Once you know what a single batch of your chosen mail piece costs, you can anticipate future costs. You can then allocate the right amount of funds you will need for your marketing.

The best part is that you set up an ongoing campaign just like any other direct mail marketing campaign. Simply send over your mailing list or we can pull a mailing list for you. Then you can choose your mail piece and schedule.

Once your order is all squared away and you have approved your proofs, the order process is complete! You don’t have to worry about setting up a new a new order every time you want to send something out. If you ever need to adjust your campaign, simply let us know and we can make updates to your campaign.

For more information about direct mail ongoing campaigns, please call us at 1-888-294-0780 or email info@yellowletterscomplete.com.

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Obtaining a new client can take a lot of time and effort. First, you must find your target audience, reach out with relevant marketing, wait for their call, talk through your offer (sometimes several times), and finally (hopefully!) land a deal. Phew! That can be exhausting!

While it is necessary to obtain new clients, it can also be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes, it may seem like getting new clients is the only thing that matters. But what is even better than getting a new client? Keeping a great client!

Loyal customers bring repeat business, which means you can keep a healthy flow of revenue. Trust has already been established, so the conversations are often brief yet fruitful. That means you save on time and energy!

When it comes to real estate, however, maintaining customer loyalty can get tricky. Buying and selling property might not be something your leads do every day. However, when the time comes for them to buy/sell again, you want to be the one they reach out to. In the interim, a loyal client can still offer several benefits. Perhaps most valuable is the positive word-of-mouth marketing that comes from a loyal client. Trustworthy recommendations from friends and family are priceless.

In order to keep a loyal client, you must continue to nurture the relationship. Once you have closed a deal, make sure to follow-up with them. A simple thank you can stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Greeting cards are a perfect way for reaching out and thanking past clients. Classic and effective, a greeting card can be personalized for your leads. You can choose between typed or handwritten font and can even pick the graphic for the front of the card. Don’t see one you like? No problem! We can even customize your greeting card with the picture or logo of your choice.

We then prepare each greeting card by placing it in a truly hand addressed envelope and placing your choice of first class or standard postage on the front. Your clients will love to open up their mail box and see a truly hand addressed envelope waiting for them!

This simple gesture can strengthen current relationships with your clients and lead to cultivating new ones. Maintaining customer loyalty can help fortify trust and grow name recognition in your community. Perhaps the best way to reach new clients is to thank your old ones!

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We’ve all heard it before…making resolutions is easy, keeping them is hard. This year, resolve to use Yellow Letters Complete to start a direct mail marketing campaign and make keeping your resolution to grow your business EASY!

We work with folks just like you who are looking to reach out to their target audience. We help connect our clients with motivated sellers every day! So ease your mind and start your direct mail marketing campaign with one simple phone call!

We will work with you to find a mailing list that meets your needs. We can even add mailing list filters to help reach your ideal audience.

You then decide which mail pieces you would like to send. You can customize your marketing and can choose from a variety of mail pieces to fit your campaign. We offer yellow letters, typed letters, stationery letters, greeting cards, postcards, and can even work with you to create a custom mail piece! Each personalized mail piece uses language that your leads can easily understand. This helps motivate response.

Our letters get opened because we put them in truly hand addressed envelopes. That’s right, each and every envelope is hand addressed by a real person! Once the recipient opens and reads your letter, it’s up to them to make the next move, so make sure to include a compelling call to action. You can also send multiple mailings, or “touches”, to the same list to help improve your results. Choosing to send multiple touch campaigns can help keep your name in front of your clients, establish trust, and increase your response. You can even send each touch in a different color envelope, or on a different color postcard, to keep the appearance of your message fresh.

Take the uncertainty out of your New Year’s Resolutions and start your direct mail marketing campaign with Yellow Letters Complete! For more information on choosing a campaign that works for YOU, contact us today at info@YellowLettersComplete.com or 1-888-294-0780.

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With the New Year on the horizon, it is time to prepare new plans to improve your business. To have the best year possible, it’s important to create a new marketing plan early on and, most importantly, follow through. Don’t miss out on having a great year simply because you forgot to create a new marketing plan!

Help ring in the new year with a phone that keeps ringing! We can set up an ongoing campaign for you to mail throughout the entire year, so you only have to set your campaign up ONCE! Get it out of the way, and let us take care of the rest. After we set up your ongoing campaign, we will send your mail pieces on the schedule of your choice. Simply send us your mailing list , or we can provide a new mailing list for you.

If an ongoing campaign sounds like a good fit, consider incorporating a multi-touch campaign. With a multi-touch campaign, we send more than one mail piece to the same mailing list. This way, your message and name stays in front of your leads and you can begin to establish trust. Multi-touch campaigns are a wonderful option for all areas, and they are particularly helpful in areas with high competition. We can even send your multi-touch campaign as an ongoing campaign, so we mail out on the schedule of your choice consistently. There are several options available for you to help create a new marketing plan that works for YOU.

Marketing plans can be a headache, especially when you are trying to play catch up. But imagine having them done ahead of time, and being able to sit back and reap the rewards you worked so hard for. Let the New Year bring new opportunities with Yellow Letters Complete. Our team would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! We truly look forward to working with you to make this the best year yet!

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When it comes to direct mail marketing, your color choice is important. The color of your mail piece is the first thing your leads will see. While the main goal is to encourage your leads to read your message and give you a call, color can help influence their response. So what do you want to convey to your leads? Beyond the written message, this includes the subtle cues you give your clients with your color choice.

Each color evokes different feelings. Red is a color of power, but also a color of passion. Yellow expresses happiness. Purple conveys wisdom and luxury whereas pink expresses love. Black is a sleek color commonly associated with mystery and elegance. White, on the other hand, is a pure color that represents light and innocence. Understanding color associations will help make your color choice easier.

Have you ever noticed that environmentally friendly products/organizations tend to have green logos? The Rainforest Alliance is a great example! Green is a calming color commonly associated with nature. When we see a green logo, our brain associates that logo with tranquility and growth.

Just like the Rainforest Alliance, other companies choose colors to help represent their brand or product. Consider the colors you encounter every day. What color are the signs of the stores you go to? What catches your eye when you are shopping or looking for a place to eat? Companies carefully choose each color to help guide a reaction from you. Companies don’t choose their colors by accident and you shouldn’t either.

Choosing your colors intentionally can help your campaign stand out. By sending a personalized mail piece in a strategically chosen color, you can draw your clients’ attention. Since the color choice can influence feelings, this can help your message get read and your phone start ringing!

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With the holiday season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to send a seasonal mail piece! This is a great way to engage your audience and increase your response rate, especially during this time of year. Since many people will be receiving greeting cards and letters, your leads are likely to open your envelope. At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer a variety of templates to match every season. We can even help you coordinate your envelope and ink colors to match!

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a great way to introduce yourself to prospective clients, or to say thank you to your existing clients. We offer a variety of seasonal greeting cards to choose from. You can view our holiday templates here. You can also choose to send a custom message. We mail each personalized card in a truly hand addressed envelope.

Stationery Letters

Stationery letters are also a great option for a seasonal mail piece. With your seasonal stationery, you can choose from a variety of envelope colors and we even include matching artwork on your envelope! Each letter is personalized with your recipient’s name as well as any other information you would like to include. You can create your own custom verbiage, or choose from one of our many templates. Your letters will be mailed in hand addressed envelopes with your choice of standard or first class postage.


In addition to our greeting cards and stationery letters, we also help you customize any mail piece to match the season, from postcards to yellow letters. Taking the time to coordinate your mail piece, envelopes, and ink colors will help your campaign stand out and get results!

Contact us to choose your unique seasonal mail piece and get your phone ringing today!

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It’s that time of year again! Festive music and decorations are all around. However, the holiday season also means everyone is making lists. To-do lists, grocery lists, and gift lists can all put a strain on you during this joyful time. Thankfully, at Yellow Letters Complete, you don’t need to write a letter to Santa to get the direct mail holiday products you want. We offer several holiday options to help your mail pieces stay festive and stand out!

Holiday Envelopes

We offer several envelope color options to help match your campaign. Available in both #10 and invitation styles, these festive-colored envelopes are perfect for the season.

Want your envelopes to bring even more holiday joy? We can add artwork to your envelope to help it stand out and get opened.

Holiday Postage

At Yellow Letters Complete, you can choose between Standard and First Class postage. Both postage types are available in holiday styles! Our Standard Snowflake stamps belong in a “Winter Wonderland.” We also offer holiday styles for First Class postage to help your envelopes stand out even more!

Stationery Letters

Our stationery letters are available in several seasonal templates. Bright and colorful, these letters are great for adding some holiday spirit to your message. We can also create custom stationery to fit your campaign.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a classic approach for the holiday season. Everyone loves to receive a card around the holidays, so sending your message in a festive greeting card can help your message get read! As an added bonus, many people tend to keep greeting cards on display during the holidays. This means you have a better chance of *literally* keeping your name and message in front of your leads!


Perfect for a follow-up touch, we can add artwork to your postcards to give them some holiday flair. Available in several colors including red, green, and festive confetti, your postcards are sure to stand out during the season.

Classic Yellow Letters and Typed Letters

It’s easy to add some festive spirit to our classic mail pieces. We can add pictures or graphics to your letter to help match the season. You can also customize your verbiage to fit the holidays!

Whichever way you celebrate the holiday season, you can find a festive mail piece to match your campaign. Contact us today for more information on our direct mail holiday products!

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