Are You Getting a 5% to 15% Response Rate on Your Current Marketing?

STEP #1 in any successful business is LOCATING PROSPECTS (which you’ll find repeated over and over and over again on this site). Your ultimate solution to that challenge of the past is right here, and right now! Yellow Letters are a cutting edge method of getting the response rate that you’ve been DYING for since you started in the business. Even if you’re just getting started, there is no way to lose when you put yellow letters to work for you.

Now is the time to get a yellow letter campaign started to discover the real results that you can experience in the real estate business. It’s time to stop drooling over all of these people that stand up at events and give yellow letters all of the credit for making them so successful in attracting motivated sellers and closing transactions that make them big checks.

So What Is It About Yellow Letters That Captivates Every Single Person That Reads Them EVERY SINGLE TIME??

It’s the personalization. In our fast paced society, noone takes the time to hand write anything any more. Everything is done by computers, printers, text messages, and emails. Getting a hand written note in the mail will make YOU stop dead in your tracks, and so will any one else who gets one. If you want your message to be read, then you have to deliver a piece that people want to read…….

Check Out Some Pre-Tested Yellow Letter Templates Here

Now is your chance to have Your Yellow Letters Prepared by HAND, by your personally assigned letter writer. Your letters will be professionally prepared exactly the way the yellow letter was meant to be, including the seller’s name and property address (hand written( into the letter). and Much More! Here’s what’s included in your yellow letter done for you marketing package:
Yellow Letters Professionally Reproduced in a Real Person’s Handwriting!
Each Letter Personalized with the Homeowner’s Name and Property Address (Done by Hand)
Your Contact Information is on the Letter so they can Contact you Directly
Hand Addressed Invitation Envelope is Used for Optimal Results (Done by Hand)
2 Line Return Address Label is Placed on the Back Flap of the Envelope with Your Return Address
Handwriting Consistency throughout the entire campaign (letters and envelopes)
First Class Postage Affixed to the Envelope
Letters Prepared in a Timely Manner and Shipped Back to You Promptly! (within 7 to 10 Business Days)
All You Have to Do Once You Get Them Is Stick Them In your Mailbox and Start Pre-Screening Sell or Let us Mail Them Out For You.

Sample Invitation Envelope Used in Yellow Letter Campaign

You Can Have Your Entire Motivated Seller Marketing Campaign Prepared For You So That You Can Enjoy The Next Few Weeks Doing What You Do Best, Which is Closing Deals and Making Fat Checks Instead of Trying to Squeeze 10 or 15 Hours into Your Already Hectic Schedule to Handle the Marketing. (Who wants to do that?) You can even have follow up letters and postcards mailed out for you, too. Everything is done for you automatically. If you can’t find the answers to your questions on the F.A.Q. section of our website, we’ll surely be able to answer them for you. Don’t procrastinate, this market could change at any time. I hope to hear from you before it does. Choose Your Marketing Campaign And Be One Your Way to Riches! If you are not totally convinced this offer is for you, please just read the testimonials from other customers.

Yellow Letter Marketing Packages YELLOW LETTER TEMPLATES

Title Price Per Letter Minimum Order Now
Yellow Letters (You Provide List) $1.49 1,000 ORDER NOW
Follow Up Yellow Letter (You Provide List) $1.29 1,000 Call to Order
Yellow Letters w/Pre-NOD List $1.99 500 ORDER NOW
Yellow Letters w/Free and Clear List $1.69 1,000 ORDER NOW
Yellow Letters w/Absentee Owners List $1.69 1,000 ORDER NOW

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