Typed Marketing Letters

Typed Marketing Letters are the perfect way to keep a formal image but still get the personal touch of a hand addressed envelope. We can personalize each letter and print your name as a digital signature on each one, helping to create a bond with the recipient.
Here is what we include with your Typed Marketing Letter Package:
  • Each envelope is hand addressed by a real person
  • Your letter verbiage can be customized to your needs, or you can choose one of our templates
  • Digital signature printed on each letter in blue ink
  • Letter typed with mail merged personalization
  • Return address label on the back of the envelope
  • Choice of Standard Mail sticky stamp or First Class sticky stamp
  • Letters prepared and mailed for you

We’ll prepare and mail your entire marketing campaign, everything is done for you automatically.


Typed Marketing Letter with Hand Addressed Envelope







Realtor Signature Letter 4 – Introduction

Realtor Signature Letter 5 – Expired Listing

Realtor Signature Letter 6 – Sell Your Property



 Digital Signature - Buy AS-IS

Digital Signature – Buy AS-IS

Digital Signature - Work Together

Digital Signature – Work Together

Digital Signature - Consider Selling

Digital Signature – Consider Selling

Digital Signature - I Buy In Your Area

Digital Signature – I Buy In Your Area

Probate - Quick Cash Purchase

Probate – Quick Cash Purchase

Probate - No Repairs Needed

Probate – No Repairs Needed

Probate - Deepest Sympathies

Probate – Deepest Sympathies

Item Minimum Order Now
Typed Marketing Letter 100 ORDER NOW
YES, we CAN do quantities less than 250. For custom quantities please email info@yellowletterscomplete.com or call us at 1-888-294-0780.

First Class vs Standard Rate Stamps

Both First Class Stamps and Standard Stamps are sticky stamps that are affixed to the envelope. Both will get your letter to its destination. Here’s what’s different:

  • Delivery speed: First Class Stamps will generally get your letter delivered within 1 to 5 business days, while Standard Stamps can take up to 30 days.
  • Postmarks: First Class Stamps get postmarked, while Standard Stamps do not.
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