There is nothing more powerful than the testimonials that are given to us by our clients that continue to use our services. Just check out what some of these investors have to say about www.YellowLettersComplete.com

Brand New Investor Getting Real Results

Florida Investor Getting Results Quickly

Of all mail campaigns that I have tried your system yields the best results so I am a customer for life.

-Grover M., Miami, FL

I got a deal under contract and a ton of calls!

-Louise W., Long Island, NY

I got a 15% response rate and might be closing on my first deal soon.

-Ryan D., Ridgewood, NJ

I have heard great things about your company and your efforts have matched the hype.

-Patrick H., Plainsboro, NJ

Wonderful! I should close on three deals from your yellow letters. My profit will be 15-25k.

-Jermaine G., Columbus, OH

Amazing 35% response, I have more properties coming in than I can get financing for.

-William B., Ashville, AL

Your service is awesome! There were 250 letters mailed and of those I received 62 phone calls. I still haven't made it through all of the leads just yet, but I have a couple under contract and offers pending on a few more.

-L.P., Fort Walton Beach, FL

Thank you...It's a great product and service.

-Jason S., Lakeway, TX

I had a 28% return on our last order...WOW it was crazy....over 50 calls a day for weeks.

-Lee C., Charlotte, NC

Went great again. Another successful campaign. Will definitely be using your services again.

-Byron T., Cleveland, OH

I have worked in insurance and real estate before as an agent and have done a lot of mailing and cold calling. I was expecting a 1-2% response and the response to the letters is approaching 22%, and I am guessing they aren't done calling. Wow!

-Dean S., Boulder, CO

My phone is ringing off the hook! People are opening these letters and many honestly believe that I wrote it to them alone.

-Kristin M., Union Lake MI

This is insane. We sent out 430 letters last week doing it your way, the right way. We got 108 calls this week. We're losing our minds here with all these calls.

-Jeff W., White Plains NY

That list ROCKED! We got a TON of calls.

- Steve L., Shelby Township MI

We will be your customer for a long time. I have had 3 homeowners call me already with 2 contracts written up. Thanks!

-Steven K., Spring Hill TN

This stuff is great!!!!… I was sending out my own letters to a Pre-foreclosure list I found in the County records. I was lucky if I got one or two calls from a 50 to 70 named list. Well, using the same list generated by the County and using the Yellow Letters Complete letter campaign, I got over 10 calls. Since I started this campaign, I have gotten the deed to three properties.

-David K., Allentown PA

My response rate with the Yellow Letter was HUGE and calls still trickle in a week or two after mailing. The people are always friendly and eager to help. If you would rather not go through the hassle of writing and mailing thousands of letters then I recommend the services of Yellow Letters Complete. They'll get the job done.

-Andrew D., Nashville TN

Your service was FANTASTIC!! I received the letters very quickly and there were no problems what so ever. I will absolutely use you in the future!

-Michelle S., Virginia

Overall I am very pleased. It is nice to get these letters done in bulk. You have done what we agreed upon. I used YellowLettersComplete.com and sent 300 yellow letters to unmotivated sellers. Within the first week I have received approximately 30 calls. With a 10% response rate, I can't imagine how high it would be if I mailed them to motivated sellers. You did everything you said you would do. I have found that that is hard to come by. I have ordered roughly 2000 letters this month and plan to send several thousand per month continually. Thanks!

- Greg B., Glen Allen, VA

You'all are making me RICH!! I've done a lot...and I mean a lot of direct mail over the pat 3 years...specifically targeting folks who want to sell their property at significant discounts. Well, I've never experienced this kind of response to any direct mail campaign EVER as I have with the "Yellow letter Campaign" Check this out:

I'm getting over a 30% RESPONSE RATE! That's unheard of in direct mail. And that's over a 30% response with just one mailing without any follow up mailings. I've tested all kinds of sequential mailings before...but this yellow letter campaign beats anything I've ever tried. Also, thank you for keeping me informed as to how many letters you've mailed out for me each week. I'm so excited I've finally found a marketing system that truly is automatic. My letters go out each week...and I don't even have to think about it. It's great to open up my email each morning and find sellers just begging me to buy their properties. Since I now get so many more responses, there's many more deals for me to choose from with greater profits! Thanks again to the whole team at "Yellow letters" for skyrocketing my Real Estate Investing Business!!!

- Jay C.- Morehead, NC

Excellent Customer Service. Very prompt and good follow up. With Yellow Letters Complete it's as simple as emailing or faxing your credit card info in to you your marketing campaign going- they do everything else. A true example of letting professionals do what they do so you can do what you do.

- Jason W., Delaware

We are very pleased with our yellow letter campaign. The staff is a pleasure to work with and very helpful. Thanks!!

- Marvin and Donna Y.

I would have to say that your customer service has been as good as it gets. I wish everyone that I dealt with was as attentive as you have been. Thanks again for your outstanding service!

- Mark M.

Yellow Letters Complete is an amazing service! Not only is their product superb, but I was especially impressed by the customer service I've received. They take the time to help me out with whatever I need in a prompt and efficient manner. Every time I've made a customer service inquiry, I've received a response almost immediately! I have used other yellow letter services in the past and they have not even come close to offering he quality letters and service that Yellow Letters Complete does. I know I can count on Yellow Letters Complete for yellow letters that are done right and service I can count on. I would recommend Yellow Letters Complete to any serious real estate investor.

-Trisha L.

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