Absentee Owner Leads

Every marketplace has a good percentage of absentee owners. Real estate entrepreneurs need to understand that these owners are good for many closed deals this year; especially ones who own single family homes. Make them your friends by providing great information in a way that they cannot ignore you. Here's how. Where do I find them? The best absentee owners to go after are the ones who own and rent out single- family homes while living in another area. You can buy a list of absentee owners RIGHT from THIS WEBSITE! (See the bottom of the page). Take a picture Every absentee owner wants to know what his property looks like. Take the time to go out with your digital camera and take a picture of his property. Now, here is the important part, embed the picture in your letter! They will not throw your name away, even if they're not ready to sell their house right now. How often? Make a point of being in touch quarterly. That's right, just four times a year. Another important point is that every letter you send should have the same picture in it for a year. Then next year, you take another picture and so on. This is very inexpensive, but will generate results as long as whatever you send has the picture in it. Follow Up Now that you have sent them a letter, send them another one. Nothing is more important than following up with an absentee owner. Build rapport You can make these absentee owners your clients by the consistency of giving them information on a quarterly basis and then following up each letter with a phone call. These people may have no clue as to the current value of their property. You may also be able to help them by exchanging their property for maybe a duplex or triplex or bigger if you're a Realtor or offering them a very fair purchase price if you're an investor. The point is, if you go out of your way to help them with information, they will trust you and that trust is what you need in order to create a sale. Results Absentee owners are easy to tap into if you give them information and get their attention by using a picture of their own property. The results are incredible! Agents tell me all the time how great this works because they keep the letter because of the photo. I agree. Try this, you'll love it!

Highly Targeted Mailing Lists

No. Mailing List Type Price Per Lead Minimum Order Action
1 Absentee Owners $.39 1,000 Names Order
2 Free and Clear (at Least 60% Equity in Property) $.39 1,000 Names Call To Order
2 Pre-NOD Leads (30-60-90-120 Days Late) $.79 500 Names Order
3 Bankruptcy Leads (Chapter 13 Dismissal) $.39 1,000 Names Call to Order
4 Demographic Search $.39 1,000 Names Call To Order

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