Pre-NOD Leads (30-60-90 Days Late)

pre-nodPre-NOD Leads are some of the most effective leads available when it comes to finding motivated sellers. During this Nationwide foreclosure crisis, there isn't a single area in the country that doesn't have a highly qualified list of people that are facing foreclosure very soon. Their payments may be increasing due to adjustable rate mortgages, and they are having difficulties making the monthly mortgage payments. Many people will not openly discuss this financial difficulty, which is why it's so important for you to reach out to them with yellow letters. For compliance reasons you must be making an offer of credit or insurance to market to these leads.

Some of the Best Kept Secrets About Pre-NOD Leads

  • More than 3% of these Pre-NOD homeowners are not Living in the House
    That's right! That means that they are VACANT HOUSES
  • You Get 60 to 150 days EXTRA TIME to work with the Pre-NOD homeowner
    Not as much pressure from the bank as if they were in Foreclosure
  • You have more time to research the deal
    Time to Research Comps, Get Estimates of Repairs, and Find a Buyer
  • You Can be More Creative with the Terms and the Seller
    The attorneys are not involved yet, so the reinstatements are not as high
  • More Time to "Pre-Sell" the Pre-NOD Property
    The Bank is not pushing for a Deed in Lieu, Etc.
  • Lock Down the Pre-NOD Deal before the arrears get totally out of hand
    Opportunity to take the property over "Subject To"
  • Pre-NOD Leads are not as expensive as you might think

Get Your Pre-NOD Leads Today!

Product Details Price Quantity Order Now
500 Pre-NOD Leads Prepared with Yellow Letters ($1.69 Each) $845 500 ORDER NOW
1,000 Pre-NOD Leads Prepared with Yellow Letters ($1.39 Each) $1390 1000 ORDER NOW
500 Pre-NOD Leads ($0.79 Each) $395 500 ORDER NOW
1000 Pre-NOD Leads ($0.49 Each) $490 1000 ORDER NOW

Frequently Asked Questions About Pre NOD Leads

1. What is the minimum order? The minimum is 500 units and there is a quantity discount for 1000. You may order the leads by themselves or with yellow letters. If you choose to use yellow letters with the Pre-NOD list, your letter must comply with Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements. Pre-NOD leads are $0.79 each for 500 or just $0.49 each for 1000.
2. Can you pull a count and tell me how many leads are available in my area? Yes, we can pull counts. Simply tell us the county or zip codes and we will tell you what is available. We suppress data for each of our clients so you will not be marketing to the same leads as one of our other clients.
3. How will my leads be delivered? Your leads will be delivered via Excel Spreadsheet.
4. How should I select my leads? You can choose your leads by zip code, county or city. When using zip codes, you'll need to provide us with at least 10 zip codes and indicate whether you want them pulled randomly or in order of preference. You can also add filters that pertain to mortgage balances (minimums/maximums). Any time a filter is added, the counts will decrease and you may need to expand your search area to find enough leads.
5. Can I get a discount for ordering large quantities? Yes, discounts are available for orders of 3,000 or more.
6. What information do I get with my Pre NOD List order? You'll get the property owner's name and contact information including mailing address. You do not get phone numbers.

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