Inbound Call Tracking

Included with your inbound call tracking is a phone number with your local area code that will forward to the phone of your choice, whether it is to your staff or directly to you. This automated process features real time reporting of your phone calls including call count, call duration and caller id. This will help you track all the calls that you receive, even the ones that went unanswered, so you can follow-up with the prospects.
When we send out your yellow letters we include a seed letter addressed to you, and you’ll know what day you received it. Compare that to the call tracking report, which shows the day you received each of your calls. This will show you how long it takes people in your target area to respond to a letter once they receive it, which will help you budget your time accordingly for your future campaigns.
The call duration report shows you how long you or your staff were on the phone, which can help you schedule your time for future mailings and monitor the time your staff is spending with potential sellers.
The caller id report shows the phone number, time and length of each call, which helps you monitor the time of day that most of your calls come in. This can help you predict when the calls will come in, so you can determine when you want to be available to answer calls yourself or have your top level staff handling calls vs others.
Inbound calling tracking is one of the most important tools you need in your arsenal, and you’ll get all of this for just $9.99 per month with a one-time $9.99 set-up. It includes 1000 minutes of inbound call time each month, and minutes are just 4.9 cents after that. Don’t let another campaign go by without accurate, real-time analytics!

Stop losing your leads and start tracking your calls today!!

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