Truly Handwritten Letters

Send truly handwritten letters from your phone or computer.

No machines, no robot arms.

Just real people with real handwriting.

Pierce the digital clutter and correspond with clients in an authentic way.

Whether you engage with 20 clients or 100,000, we can mail your truly handwritten letters in just days. Our handwritten note service is a proven way to send one note to many people, with each note personalized with the name of the recipient and other variable data on each mail piece.

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Choose your mail piece Customize your message Mail to your list
Select the format for your note as a letter, custom stationery or greeting card, or customize any option as your own Type your message just like you would an email or text message. We can personalize each mail piece with the name and other details from your mailing list. We will mail your campaign out or ship the completed ail pieces to you for you to mail. Envelopes and First Class sticky stamps are included.

What is it about truly handwritten letters that captivates every person that sees one?
The personalization and handwritten approach of our handwritten letter service cuts through the digital clutter with an authentic, tangible message. Nuture your leads and see how much more effective your marketing can be!

With your handwritten letter package we include:
Authentic handwriting done by a real person (no robot/artificial writing!)
 Each handwritten letter personalized with the name of the recipient and other variable data
 Your letter verbiage customized to your needs
Hand addressed invitation envelope or business style #10 envelope
Choice of letter on blank paper, lined paper, custom stationery or custom greeting card
 Return Address in a real person’s handwriting on the envelope
Choice of sealed or unsealed invitation style envelope
 Choice of red, blue or black ink
 First Class sticky stamp affixed to the envelope
 Letters mailed out or shipped back to you
Mailing list clean up/ data normalization
Account management and creative services

Studies show that most conversions occur after the first touch, so we can also prepare follow-up letters and postcards for you. This will create an auto-pilot nuture marketing campaign drip sequence. With pricing as low as $2.29 per handwritten letter, you’ll find our service not only effective but also affordable. Read the testimonials from others who have seen the results of truly handwritten letters.

Order Truly Handwritten Yellow Letters

For lower pricing, try our variable font or typed letters mailed in truly hand addressed envelopes, as low as 79¢ each in a truly handwritten envelope!


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