Picture this – After a long day, you come home and switch on the TV. Whatever channel or show you put on, you can count on one thing: commercials! You probably see so many, in fact, that when you think of car insurance, you immediately picture Geico’s charismatic gecko or Progressive’s comedic Flo. Just about every product or service you may need has a commercial: cars, laundry detergent, snack foods, hotels, clothes, pet supplies, and so much more. And you remember them; you may even be able to quote some! When it comes time for you to purchase a product or service, chances are you’ll be drawn to the one that appears in commercials.

A successful direct mail marketing campaign should be approached in the same way. Sending a mail piece with a clear message and call to action is a great start. But that’s what it is: a start. In order to get the most response from your mailing list, you should reach out more than once. For most mailing lists, five or six times is the sweet spot. This way, your message remains consistent, but not overwhelming. And just like a commercial, your leads will remember your name when they are ready to sell!

At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer multi-touch campaigns so you can set your entire campaign up in one simple step. We set up one direct mail marketing campaign for you, and then we mail each touch on the timeline of your choice. Everything runs smoothly and automatically. This means you can spend less time setting up direct mail marketing campaigns and more time answering your phone!

The best part is that we can set up your multi-touch direct mail campaign with the number of touches YOU choose and can include any combination of mail pieces that you would like, such as yellow letters, typed letters, stationery letters, postcards, and greeting cards. The set-up is easy and the possibilities are endless!

Call us today at 888-294-0780 for more information!

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Peanut Butter and Jelly, Macaroni and Cheese, Cake and Frosting … all are amazing duos in life. They compliment each other. However, there is another great duo you might not have heard: Yellow Letters and Targeted Mailing Lists!

Yellow Letters in hand addressed envelopes are a great way to market to your target audience. The hand addressed envelope looks like an invitation or a letter from a dear friend. They are more likely to get opened and, in turn, increase your response. Once your leads open the envelopes, they will see a unique, personalized letter. So what will they do? Read it!

Still, while letters do a lot of the heavy lifting so to speak, the mailing list is equally crucial to a successful campaign. Who is receiving your mail piece? A mailing list can determine how a campaign performs. If your letters are not reaching motivated leads, your message may not bring in much response. However, making sure to use a high quality, targeted mailing list will help your message reach your ideal audience.

At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer both marketing letters and targeted mailing lists! Our tested and proven yellow letter templates will stand out in a crowd and get your phone ringing. We also offer several mailing lists and a variety of filters. We even suppress our mailing list data for six months, meaning you have exclusive access to the leads we provide for at least six months. Talk about a winning combination!  

While both Yellow Letters and Targeted Mailing Lists offer several benefits individually, they can truly shine when working together! A good direct mail marketing campaign will not go unnoticed. By pairing your yellow letters and targeted mailing lists, you can get motivated leads calling YOU!

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As you begin to prepare your direct mail campaign, you will need to decide which type of postage you would like to use. So what’s the difference between First Class and Standard Postage?

Both First Class stamps AND Standard stamps are sticky stamps that we affix to the handwritten envelopes. However, there are some unique differences between these two postage types and how they can affect your campaign.

Here are some of the main differences:

First Class Postage


  • Typically delivered within a few days (Great for time sensitive letters).
  • They are postmarked, which can give your letter more credibility when mailed from a local address.
  • There are several seasonal style options available depending on the time of year
  • Return mail is guaranteed


  • Envelopes with First Class stamps are postmarked from the location they are mailed. That means if we mail your letters from our location, your handwritten envelopes will have a Wisconsin postmark (However, we can also ship the completed letters to you to mail from your location, so the postmark would be local).
  • First Class stamps are more expensive than Standard stamps
Standard Postage


  • Envelopes are not postmarked using Standard Postage! Recipients will think they were mailed from your return address.
  • Standard stamps are a cost effective choice while still retaining a personal appearance.


  • Letters mailed with Standard postage can take longer to arrive than letters mailed with First Class postage, with the post office stating a delivery of between 3-30 days. However, we generally see them landing within a week.

Standard and First class postage are both great options for your campaign, so it comes down to what your preferences are, and if your message is time sensitive. Both of these options will get your letter where it needs to be, and they will both get you results!

For more information, watch the video below:


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When preparing your direct mail marketing campaign, there are several factors to consider: your mail piece and message, your target audience, color choices for your hand addressed envelopes, and more! One factor to also keep in mind is the type of postage you would like to use for your campaign. At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer a variety of postage options to best meet your budget and needs.   

There are a few differences to keep in mind when deciding on your postage type. The two most common postage types are First Class and Standard. One of the biggest concerns when deciding the postage type is the expected delivery time. First Class postage guarantees  delivery within 5 business days, while Standard postage guarantees delivery within 3-30 days. Standard postage will still typically arrive about a week after mailing. For extremely time sensitive lists, however, First Class postage may be the better option.

Postmarks present another difference between First Class and Standard postage. The post office does not postmark mail with Standard postage, giving your hand addressed envelopes a local appearance. However, the post office does postmark mail with First Class postage. When we mail letters with First Class postage, they will include a postmark from our Hurley, Wisconsin location. If you prefer, we can also ship your letters in hand addressed envelopes back to you, stamped with First Class postage, so you can mail them from your local post office.

Both First Class stamps and Standard stamps are physical, sticky stamps that are affixed to each hand addressed envelope. First Class stamps, however, are available in several seasonal styles, colors, and themes while Standard stamps have limited designs.

Finally…the cost. First Class postage costs an additional $0.20 per unit compared to Standard postage. If you have a time sensitive list, prefer to have your envelopes postmarked, or would like to match a specific style, First Class stamps may be the best choice for you. If the delivery time for your mailing list is not urgent, you’d prefer to forgo the postmark entirely, or you are looking for a cost effective option, Standard stamps may be a better fit.

We mail letters in truly hand addressed envelopes with a live sticky stamp, regardless of the postage type you choose! This personal touch will ensure your readers open your letter, increasing the likelihood that your direct mail marketing campaign is a success!

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You’ve taken the first step in deciding to use direct mail marketing, but what should be included on your mail piece? Starting out and testing the waters can be intimidating, but we’re here to make the first steps a little easier. When creating a mail piece, or choosing a template, you want to make sure it has a few key pieces of information.

Personal Touches

First of all, you want your leads to know who you are. Business names are great if you are marketing to a more formal mailing list, but otherwise be personal and put your own name on the mail piece. Personal touches go a LONG way, which is why we have such high response rates with our truly hand addressed envelopes.

Call to Action

“Call now! We can’t wait to hear from you.” Your call to action is one of the most important components of your mail piece. You can have the perfect mail piece, with the perfect message and presentation, but if you don’t tell the recipient what to do with it, you’ve missed an opportunity. How are they supposed to know you want them to call, email, or visit your website if you don’t say so? Make sure your call to action is concise and to the point, so there is no confusion in what you want them to do.  

Contact Information

Now this is THE most important piece of information on your mail piece: Your contact information. Imagine asking  your leads to contact you, and not having a phone number or email on your letter or postcard? Oops! Make sure you let your leads know how to reach you. Choose a form of communication that you can track, such as a unique phone number, website, or email address. This way, you can collect data and see your response trends.  

These are just a few important pieces of the puzzle. For more information about what your direct mail marketing mail piece should include, contact us today at 888-294-0780.

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At Yellow Letters Complete, we can give your message a professional appearance by preparing a direct mail marketing campaign of typed marketing letters. For an added touch, we can add your logo and can also even sign your signature to the bottom of each letter. By sending these typed marketing letters in hand addressed envelopes, your leads will open the envelope and read your message! Sounds like the perfect plan! Could anything go wrong?

High Resolution Example


Low Resolution Example


Using a poor picture can give a fuzzy, sloppy appearance to your letter. If the ink looks splotchy, blurry, and unfinished, your leads may question your credibility. And if the letter doesn’t look its very best, your leads may also think that you don’t truly care about their situation.

So how can you avoid this mishap? Use a high resolution picture. Using a picture with a higher dpi (dots per image) can help avoid messy images that can scar your letter. For more information on how to check the resolution of your image, click here.

This same idea can be applied to other aspects of your letter. For example, we can add a digital signature to your mail piece to add a personal touch. The signature is handwritten and scanned in at a high resolution to look as authentic as possible. You can provide your own signature as well, but like the logo or image, make sure that it is a high resolution picture.

Looking for a way to avoid dealing with resolution altogether? We can help! You can add color to your typed marketing letters by sending your message on stationery. We use high resolution images on our stationery, and we can even create a custom stationery letter template for your campaign!

Would you rather go digital-free? We can sign your name to your typed marketing letters in wet ink! You can choose between blue and black ink for your wet ink signature to help your typed marketing letters maintain a personal and professional appearance.

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Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Checklist

Sending your letter in a handwritten envelope can help your message stand out, get read, and improve your response! So what do you need in order to start? At Yellow Letters Complete, we can help you set up your campaign step by step, or you can simply follow the checklist below:

  1. What Can Your Direct Mail Marketing Plan Handle? – With direct mail marketing, it’s important not to put the cart in front of the horse. Before starting your campaign, you should have your direct mail marketing plan available to consult. How often do you want to send your mail pieces? How much can your budget support? By following your direct mail marketing plan, everything else can fall into place without any worry of overwhelming yourself mentally or financially.
  2. What Area Do You Want to Target? – Make sure to have an area in mind before you set up your campaign. If you have your own mailing list, we can use that for your campaign. We can also provide a mailing list if needed. We can pull a list by county, city, or zip code.
  3. What Type of Property Are You Targeting? – Are you looking for absentee owned properties, owner occupied properties, notice of defaults, delinquent taxes, or something else entirely? When it comes to the actual property, consider what is important to you: when it was purchased, the life stage of the owner, the equity amount, the market value, the number of bedrooms/bathrooms, or anything else? By planning the typed of property you would like to target, you can add mailing list filters to ensure you are focusing on your ideal audience.
  4. What Mail Piece Would You Like to Use? – Yellow letters, typed letters, color letterhead letters, stationery letters, postcards, greeting cards, and custom mail pieces…each mail piece offers different benefits. While it can take some testing to find which mail piece performs the best in your area, you should have an idea of which mail piece may work well for your mailing list. Looking for a casual approach? Yellow letters and stationery letters may be the best choice! Need a more formal appearance? Typed letters and color letterhead letters may work best. Postcards work well for follow ups, while greeting cards, stationery letters, and custom mail pieces can show your creative side. Whichever mail piece you send, make sure it will compliment your mailing list.
  5. What Do You Want to Say? – You can choose from our several available templates that have been proven to get results. Make sure your message clearly states what you can offer your leads. If you choose to use a custom message instead, focus on keeping your verbiage concise and easy to navigate.
  6. What Phone Number Should You Include? – You can use any phone number you would like. Using a cell phone will help you answer as many calls as possible. Not keen on using your personal number? You can set up a call forwarding number that will forward calls to your phone instead. You can also choose to use a business number or a call answering service. The phone number you use can also help you track your response, so choose thoughtfully.
  7. What Return Address Should You Use? – Using a local address works best for direct mail marketing campaigns. A business address, or an address of one of your vacant rental properties, can appear the most authentic. You can also use a PO Box or an out of state address, though this can impact your response rate.

By following your direct mail marketing plan and preparing your campaign checklist, you can help your campaign hold a competitive edge! For more information about what to prepare for you campaign, contact us today!

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