As you previously learned, multi-touch direct mail campaigns can help you effectively reach your leads with a consistent message. By sending multiple touches to a single mailing list, you can keep your name and information in front your leads. This can also help cultivate trust and credibility with your potential clients. But what happens if someone reaches out to you before all of your touches have landed? If your leads have already expressed interest, or have asked to be removed from your mailing, how can you ensure they won’t receive the remaining touches? No problem! We can remove names from your multi-touch campaign for any upcoming mailings.

At Yellow Letters Complete, it is fast and easy to submit your name removals. As long as we have one week notice prior to the scheduled mail date, we can remove names from your remaining touches. Simply send us an email at info@yellowletterscomplete.com with any names and/or addresses you would like to remove. To ensure we have your complete list of removals, please send them in a single batch. Once we receive the list of removals, we will remove those names from all future mailings!

With any direct mail campaign, some leads may request to be removed from your mailing. By responding quickly to these leads, you will keep a professional, positive image.

This simple process will help you avoid mailing to unsuitable leads multiple times. Whether they lack interest OR have already responded with interest, name removals help target your list and optimize your subsequent mailings. We want you to get the most out of your multi-touch direct mail campaigns, so we’ve made sure to include an easy name removal process. See for yourself how easy and effective multi-touch direct mail campaigns can be!

For more information, please call us at 888-294-0780 or email us at info@yellowletterscomplete.com.

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Not getting the results you were hoping for out of your direct mail marketing campaign? Consider sending a follow up touch!  A multi-touch direct mail campaign is a great way to stay on your target audience’s mind and help improve your response rate. At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer a variety of mail piece options and colors to help coordinate your campaign and get your audience’s attention! As well as being cost effective, here are three benefits you can enjoy when creating your multi-touch campaign:

Less Work

Although starting a multi-touch direct mail campaign may seem like a lot of work, it actually decreases the amount of energy spent in the long run. You simply set up your campaign once, and we take it from there! You can choose the timing of your touches to ensure your campaign works best with your schedule.

Multi-touch campaigns are also a great way to experiment with different mail pieces and find what works best for your market.  By repurposing and reusing your multi-touch direct mail campaign, you can save yourself time and effort in the future.  

Increase ROI

Although sending one letter can be effective, often times, it simply isn’t enough. By reaching out several times, you are not only staying on the mind of your target audience, but also establishing your credibility. By sending out multiple touches, you are showing your target audience that you are a legitimate and credible buyer. 

Sending follow up touches also allows your audience more time to make a decision. Although they may not be ready to sell initially, they very well might be a few touches down the road and your name will be the first on their minds when they are ready to do so. 

Lastly, multi-touch campaigns allow you to illustrate a sense of urgency with each mail piece. Be sure to let your audience know that your offer or interest may not last and use your final touch as a powerful call to action.


With multi-touch campaigns, you have more freedom to experiment with a variety of mail pieces. In direct mail marketing, practice makes perfect! What works well for one audience may not work as well for others, but you can increase your chances by trying different approaches with each touch. For your first touch, letters are most effective, but we offer unique mail piece options for follow up touches including postcards, greeting cards, stationery letters, and more!

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of a multi-touch direct mail campaign and get your phone ringing? Get started today!

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Distressed property leads may feel like a dream come true for any real estate investor. The motivation is high and the timing is urgent; what could go wrong?

Unfortunately, marketing to a distressed property mailing list isn’t quite as simple as it may appear. Your leads are often facing high stress levels and they may not be open to receiving a letter reminding them of their situation. Instead, follow the tips below to make sure you can connect with your leads and get your phone ringing:

The Letter

You want to come across as a resource, so you send a letter to your distressed property leads explaining how you can offer relief from their situation. Great idea, right? Maybe not. Highlighting their unpleasant situation may cause your leads to feel defensive and resentful. They might feel like their privacy has been violated and cease to be receptive to your marketing. Yikes!

Instead, consider sending a short message that does not mention their situation. This way, you can still mention the benefits of working with you, such as a quick closing or an all cash purchase, while avoiding any embarrassment or animosity from your leads. This will, in turn, increase your response.

The List

Distressed property leads are often dealing with a strict timeline, so it is imperative that your mailing list is up to date. Using an old, outdated mailing list may cause you to miss connecting with your leads. They may have found a different solution, or they may no longer be making decisions for that property.

Make sure to ask your data provider how often their information is updated. Different processes, such as Foreclosure, have different rules depending on your state. Make sure to research your state’s timelines for these processes. You can also reach out to a real estate coach in your state for additional assistance.

The Timing

Like the list, the timing is essential for a successful campaign. Again, these leads are often facing urgent timelines, so sending your direct mail as quickly as possible to your list will help keep your response rate high.

Sending multiple touches can also help increase your response. Unlike other lists, where sending a follow-up every four to six weeks is the norm, distressed property leads require a faster timeline. Consider sending a follow-up each week or every other week to keep your name and information in front of your leads.

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At Yellow Letters Complete, we are famous for our yellow letters, but did you know there are actually two different options when it comes to our yellow letters? We have a Premium Yellow Letter and a Hand Addressed Yellow Letter. Here are a few differences between the two:

Hand Addressed Yellow Letter
  • Standard Postage (or add First Class Postage)
  • Hand Addressed Envelopes
  • Return Address Label
  • We print the letters by using our proprietary variable font software. This variable handwritten font makes each character look slightly different, so it still looks authentically handwritten.
  •  We personalize the letters with a mail merge.
Premium Yellow Letter
  • First Class Postage
  • Hand Addressed Envelopes
  • Handwritten Return Address
  • Letters are written by hand, then duplicated to ensure accuracy.
  • Personalization is done by hand by the same person who wrote the letter.

Both yellow letters include the following:

  • Your letter verbiage customized to your needs, or your choice of one of our templates.
  • Your contact information on the letter so your leads can contact you directly
  • Hand addressed invitation envelopes for optimal results (Written by hand)
  • Your choice of red, blue or black ink

For most campaigns, the Hand Addressed Yellow Letter works best. These orders have fast turn around times, often mailing within a few days of your order! This cost effective option maintains a personal appearance by using our proprietary variable font (which we created by loading real, variable handwriting onto each page). Whether you are a direct mail marketing novice or a seasoned veteran, our Hand Addressed Yellow Letters can be a great option for your campaign!

Premium Yellow Letters are suitable for campaigns that do not have urgent timelines, as the turn around time is longer than a Hand Addressed Yellow Letter. However, the personal touches of a Premium Yellow Letter can give your campaign a competitive edge. Taking a look at your target market, and your budget, will help you decide between these two great yellow letters.

Watch the video below to learn more!


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At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer both handwritten envelopes and font envelopes. Each envelope style offers unique benefits and can help your direct mail marketing campaign get results. So which is the best choice for your campaign? Continue below to find out!

Handwritten Envelopes

Our handwritten envelopes are all individually addressed by hand. No robots, no fonts.  Our team of writers actually hand address each and every envelope!


  • The envelopes are each addressed by hand, so the open rate is higher than any other mail piece
  • Writers can adjust and accommodate special instructions
  • Available in red, black, and blue ink. Can also use special colors if requested.


  • Per unit price is more expensive than other envelope options
Font Envelopes

Our font envelopes are a budget friendly alternative to our handwritten envelopes. We created the font used on our font envelopes by loading real handwriting into our proprietary font software. This gives variability to the letters, making the envelope appear handwritten.


  • The per unit price is less expensive than the truly handwritten envelopes
  • The font on the envelope will match the yellow letter inside


  • While font envelopes can still get results, nothing can compare to the unmistakable authenticity of real handwriting, so the open rate is lower than handwritten envelopes

Both handwritten and font envelopes can help your direct mail campaign stand out and increase your response rate. Both are available for invitation style envelopes and #10 business style envelopes, so you can choose the right fit for your campaign. For information about our envelopes and which style you should choose, contact us today!

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Want to get your phone ringing with motivated sellers? At Yellow Letters Complete, we provide a variety of mailing list options for you to choose from. With us, you can ensure you are getting high quality and up to date targeted mailing lists. To help you maintain a competitive advantage, we also suppress our leads for six months. This means your mailing list won’t be available to any other customers for six months after purchase, helping lower competition.  

Not sure where to start? No problem! We provide a variety of mailing list filter options and can work with you to help you define and locate your ideal target audience. In addition to helping you create custom targeted mailing lists, here are some of our most popular leads lists options:

Absentee Owned Leads

Absentee owned leads include properties that may be rentals, vacation homes, or a house that is sitting vacant after the tenants have moved. To help you create a targeted list, we can include filters for equity, purchase date, and date of birth of the owner among others. When running a count for your area, we typically start with a date of birth targeting a retirement age for the owner (retirement age usually helps with motivation to sell) as well as a purchase date of at least 5 years ago (older purchase dates also help with motivation). We can also include build date, loan to value, number of bedrooms, and many more!

Property Buyer

Property buyers can be found by reaching out to high net worth or renter leads. Leads that are currently renting work well if you are looking for a lease option tenant or have a starter home that you are looking to sell. The high net worth leads include individuals that have a minimum of $1,000,000 in liquid assets. We can also filter your list for real estate investors including the number of properties the person owns loan to value, and a recent purchase date to help target your list.

Notice of Default Leads

Notice of default leads include owners that are currently in the foreclosure process. We can filter these leads by the date of the foreclosure filing or auction date. Defaulted borrowers are often more motivated. Plus, since these lists are public record, you don’t have to worry about compliance concerns.

The key to successful direct mail marketing campaigns are high quality targeted mailing lists. So give us a call today and let us help you get your phone ringing!

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You sent out one mail piece for your direct mail campaign, and you’ve had a few calls! But did you receive as many calls as you could have? Perhaps not. Mailing to your list once is a great start…but that’s what it is: a start.  After your first touch, make sure to send a follow-up mail piece to your leads to help motivate even more response.

Your direct mail campaign should bring you results, and sending to your list more than once will help increase your response rate. If you’ve taken the time to get quality leads, don’t miss an opportunity by only mailing to your list once!

Our hand addressed envelopes will help you stand out from your competition and encourage your leads to read your message. However, in order to establish a relationship with your leads, you should reach out to your mailing list multiple times. When you send a follow-up, you will keep your information in front of your audience and establish trust. This, in turn, will increase response rates. As your leads begin to recognize your name and what you have to offer, they will reach out to YOU when they are ready to sell their home.

At Yellow Letters Complete, we make it easy to plan and schedule a multiple touch campaign. Simply choose your templates and we will send your mail pieces automatically on the schedule of your choice. We will even take out any name removals you may have from your subsequent touches. Just send the names you’d like to remove in one batch at least one week before your next mailing, and we’ll remove them for free! Talk about easy!

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