Global spending on digital ads is reaching $100 billion.

Almost very entrepreneur, business and corporation aspires to spend dollars on social media marketing, because they “think” it’s the only way.

And yet the classic method of handwritten direct mail beats social media marketing when it comes to key metrics like response rate and ROI.

Shocking, right?

I am just getting started.

Here are all the reasons why you should prefer handwritten direct mail over social media marketing. 

1. Response Rate

Direct mail beats social media when it comes to response rates by huge margins.

In 2016, direct mail customer response rate jumped by a whopping 43%, according to The Data & Marketing Association.

Overall, response rate of direct mail stands at over 5%, while response rate for social media campaigns is just under 1%.

The reason of the spectacular response rates for direct mail is simple: we are wired to feel excited and pay attention to the stuff we receive in our mail box.

On social media our default mode to ads is NO.

In direct mail, we are curious enough to at least open the mail piece once.According to a study, 80% people scan or open the direct mail piece they got in their inbox at least once.

2. Targeting

Facebook and other social media platforms don’t allow specific, area-level targeting. For example, at Facebook you can only select for audience at the level of cities. What if I want to target audience in a specific neighborhood or street? 

Direct mail offers tons of targeting options. Take USPS direct mail targeting tool as an example. You can narrow down your audience to the level of street, and add filters like number of residents, average age range, average household size, and average household income of that zone.

With direct mail you can always make every dollar of your campaign count because you can research the market and deliver the mail pieces with total control. On social media, it’s all luck.

3. Personalization

People are losing trust in what they see online as ads. 

Data shows that an average person is exposed to over 4,000 per day on social media and other digital platforms.

There is no personalization on social media ads since the target is to get the maximum number of eyes on something that is designed for everyone.

Result: Users have stopped paying attention to social media ads. 

Direct mail is the solution, as consumers still prefer it.

Over 73% consumers say they prefer to get advertising pieces via direct mail. Over 57% people said receiving direct mail makes them feel valued.

4. Certainty of Reach

You can’t rely on social media as it’s fickle and heavily dependent on user trends, behaviors and demographics.

Consider this: In just about a year, over 20% of Facebook users aged 13 – 17 in the U.S left the platform because they got bored. 

6 out of 10 seniors in the U.S. don’t have a smartphone.

Internet connectivity in many neighborhoods remains limited.

On the other hand, direct mail reaches everyone. There are no barriers or uncertainty about its reach.

In 2016, just when marketers were starting to spend billions on Facebook video ads, the social media company admitted that it has made an error in reporting, wrongly inflating the results of video ads.

Companies were furious. But nothing could be done. Billions of dollars in ads spending were lost.Facebook’s organic reach has consistently dipped. That means the only way to stand out on Facebook and get attention of your fans is to boost post by giving Facebook a lot of dollars.

All of these things show that in social media marketing you don’t have the reins of your campaign in your hand.

In direct mail marketing, there is no question of whether your posts will “reach” the targeted audience or not. The reach is ensured to be 100%. 

With the reach and open rate ensured, it all depends on how you execute your campaign. If done correctly, handwritten direct mail could be a game changer for your business.

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When you discover the simplicity and effectiveness of handwritten marketing letters its super exciting!

Everyone else is experimenting with Facebook Ads and Google Ads while you keep things simple. But after a while, it can become boring and annoying to be stuck doing manual labor when you time could be better spend.

But the process can be a bit monotonous right?

Here’s a sample of what all you need to do…

  • Decide the design, color and font style for your direct mail paper/card.
  • Buy a special printer to print these colored cards and letters.
  • Write addresses by hand on every envelope.
  • Buy stamps and envelopes. A bulk mail stamp from the post office usually costs $400.
  • Place a 47 cent stamp on each envelope.
  • Find a mailing company that offers you the best rates or try to reach a deal with the post office for mailing your bulk campaign letters.
  • Get a postal permit for $220 per year to send bulk letters consistently.
  • Write your message on the letters.
  • Fold the letters.
  • Put every letter in an envelope neatly.

Yes, handwritten letters are effective, but the process is so boring??

Friend, if you are screaming, “will someone please write these letters for me” rest-assured, Yellow Letters Complete is your answer!

Our business is actually setup to manage your marketing for you! Not just the first letter or campaign. But you entire calendar of leads, letters, list scrubbing, and follow up!

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time only following up on warm leads?

How about we work together to help your grow your business this year?

Given a decent campaign has a list size of over 10,000 and involves a well-timed, multi-touch handwritten approach, the time and money required to carry out your campaign by yourself are unimaginable.

Understand the Power of Delegation

Thousands of businesses fail to get results from their handwritten direct mail just because they don’t understand the power of delegation.

There’s a reason why Tim Ferriss, the guru of automation and author of “4-Hour Workweek” loves this quote:

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.”

—Henry David Thoreau

To be successful in your business, you have to focus on your core goals and outsource all the other stuff to the experts.

1. Save Time and Money

A single post stamp costs around 34 cents. If you outsource your handwritten direct mail, it’d cost you about 50 cents per postcard (printed, stamped, and mailed). If you decide to do it yourself, you will have to cut postcards from a large cardstock, stamp postcards, write and go to the post office. And guess what, you will end up saving no money.


Let’s do the math:

Stamp: 34 cents

Ink and Paper: 6 cents (on avg.)

Post Office Cost per Postcard (10 cents)

Intangible Costs: time, hassle

Resulting Cost: 50+ cents per postcard/letter.

And the resulting postcards and yellow letters aren’t that good when you compare them to the finished product produced by pros like Yellow Letters Complete.

2. Get Countless Design, Font Options

Outsourcing your handwritten direct mail campaign would give you several design options, fonts, scripts, page colors, and styles.

On the other hand, if you do it all by yourself, you will keep trying to cap the costs, which would limit your design and styling options.

Compromising on quality ensures the failure of your handwritten direct mail efforts.

Here’s what an average person would do when they try to do everything on their own:

And here’s a type of letter that promises over 5% response rate:

Consider the number of options and flexibility you are getting:

For just 79 cents you get:

  • Each letter with a personalized message, homeowner’s name, and property address.
  • Letters mailed on auto-pilot to new leads every week
  • Different wording for different targets
  • Your contact information written on letters/envelopes
  • Return address label on the back of the envelope
  • Choice of Standard Mail Postage or First Class Postage
  • Choice of red, blue or black ink
  • Phone Support 24/7

3. Better Targeting and Consistency

Most handwritten direct mail campaigns fail because they don’t target their audience correctly and give up after their initial campaigns.

Example: Sending letters for absentee-owner leads in a posh area where there’s no absentee property.

Example: Giving up after the first campaign because it’s too hard to carry out the tiring process of readying postcards, writing and mailing regularly.

Handwritten direct mail experts like Yellow Letters Complete meticulously target your letters to make sure they reach the audience with the most potential.

They also send your message to potential customers consistently, with well-timed breaks, and in different styles. Why? Approaching potential leads using well-timed messages with different styles (postcards, letters, notes) using a multi-touch approach is indispensable.

Let’s not forget: Any successful marketing campaign requires at least 8 touches.

4. Better Response Rate

The end goal of any marketing campaign is to get a strong response rate and connect with potential customers.

Outsourcing your handwritten direct mail campaigns to experts like Yellow Letters Complete ensures a response rate of over 15% because all the key elements of your campaign are taken care of.

These elements include:

  • Design and font of your message
  • Content of your message
  • Targeting the right people
  • Choosing the right medium (postcard, paper, yellow letters)
  • Delivery process
  • Consistently send handwritten follow-ups

When you don’t outsource and try to do everything by yourself, you’ll eventually start cutting corners because of the magnitude of the effort and time involved.

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Normal human attention span has shrunk to just 8 seconds, worse than a goldfish.

In a world where everyone is constantly inundated with noise — Facebook, emails, Instagram, Twitter, TV, YouTube — it takes persistence to make your message stick.

Persistence in the business world means constant follow-ups.

So when you don’t get a response, just keep following up until you do. Seems straightforward, right? Wrong!

You’d be amazed to see the stats.

A study by Microsoft shows that about 89% of salespeople never send a follow-up after their fourth attempt.

Hell, over 70% of sales emails don’t go past their initial contact.

Image source

This looks insane given the fact that it easily takes 7-13 touches to deliver a qualified B2B sales lead to the sales department, according to lead-to-sales funnels data collected for over 100 firms.

Any successful marketing campaign requires at least 8 touches.

According to one study, the probability of getting a reply on your second email is 21% if you don’t get any reply on your first email.

Image source

What do all of these stats show?

They show the power of consistency in lead nurturing.

But variety and innovation are the hallmarks of a multitouch approach.

Don’t Be Boring: Use Handwritten Direct Mail to Follow Up

You won’t want to bore your prospect with similar kinds of approaches and get blocked.

That’s where handwritten direct mail comes in.

Imagine a prospect getting a beautiful postcard having a handwritten message directly addressed to them with their name on it.

As a follow-up, a simple white letter with a handwritten message would make an impact.

And so on…

As people take handwritten direct mail more seriously than email or any other channel, following up becomes more fruitful.

Over 63% of people prefer direct mail as it makes them feel more valued.

Direct mail response rates easily beat those of email.

Nurture your leads slowly with well-time handwritten notes using a multitouch approach and see your sales getting a major boost.

Image source

Why Do Handwritten Follow-up Messages Work?

Handwritten follow-up messages will make you stand out extremely easily.


Two reasons.

First, handwritten notes are making a strong comeback. Writing handwritten notes is the coolest approach to contact anyone with an element of personalization.

Fun fact: Richard Branson and Jimmy Fallon are fans of handwritten notes.

Personalization results in higher response rates, as people are naturally programmed to pay attention and respond to a piece of paper having a message directly addressed to them.

That’s why over 84% of respondents in a survey said they are more likely to respond to a direct mail piece.

Second, it’s easier for every other salesperson to blast clients with email follow-ups (They still don’t follow up… I don’t know why!)

In handwritten direct mail, the competition is scarce.

When you send multiple touches using handwritten mail, the prospect will naturally think you are really putting an effort into the process.

Make the most out of this open ground with a few competitors while you can!

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If you are like other real estate investors, you are constantly searching for more ways to grow your business. You search to buy houses in foreclosure or a short sale. You’ve probably purchased REO property that has fallen short of getting any bids. And you may have purchased houses from a wholesaler.

But have you looked at probate leads? Probate leads are an excellent source of potential clients that have inherited properties they don’t need or want. And they are often eager to make a quick sale after the legality is completed so they can liquidate the assets and move on. It isn’t unusual for an heir to live in another city, state, or even in another country and they don’t care to have ties to the area where the house is located.

On many levels, for a real estate investor, a great marketing funnel comes by way of Probate Leads. The savvy investor knows how and when to secure the best deal for the highest profit margin with these properties.

How Do You Get Started in Probate Leads?

We have found a few steps that make it simple to get started investing in Probate Lead properties to share with you—and it is easier than you may think:

  1. Purchase Probate Leads
    Always work with a trusted source and Always work with a trusted source and confirm that all the data you receive from the seller is accurate and upfront.
  2. Create A Mailer
    Or find a reputable company to work with that can develop a mailer for you. Keep it simple, straightforward and open it by offering your condolences for the loss of their loved one.
  3. Mail A Handwritten Letter or Postcard
    Send one directly to each executor of the will and then send a follow up every 60 days for 18 months. Not all probate properties are listed right away; it may take the executors and family some time to decide what they need or want to do with the property.
  4. Always List Your Phone Number
    And always monitor those callbacks. Be able to talk when you answer those calls so that the executor or heir knows they can count on you to be there.
  5. Offer Your Assistance
    Remember the executor and heirs may be struggling with the loss and are uncertain how to settle the deceased’s property. This can be an overwhelming time for them, so by showing you are there for them to help in any way possible will keep your face, name, and phone number at the forefront of their minds.
  6. Be Honest with Your Role
    And be upfront with what you have to offer them. When an executor or heir makes that phone call, this is an indication they are ready for the property settlement to be done. If you let them know you’re there to make it as easy and painless as possible for them, they will often sell at below-market price just to be done with it.
  7. Never Quit Working Those Leads
    Not all leads amount to a big sale, but when you do find one where the current owners are ready to be done with it, your investment of financial and physical means will pay off.

These are only a few steps toward a successful strategy with probate leads, but they will get you started. And always remember to ask questions! The opportunities out there are endless and waiting for you to grab them.

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Think of an imaginary person named Matthew.

An hour ago Mathew was charged with a felony, now he’s desperately looking for a good lawyer.

For all his life, like any other normal person, Mathew ignored marketing emails from local lawyers and threw visiting cards of attorneys in the trash.

He’s secretly regretting that now.

The next day, Mathew finds in his direct mail a handwritten note from a lawyer. The note is not like other cold, soulless, looking-for-your-money sounding marketing brochures Mathew gets every day.

The note mentions Mathew’s name, the exact crime he was charged with, and describes how Mathew can get rid of this problem.

Do you think Mathew will waste any time contemplating whether or not to call the phone number of the lawyer mentioned on the note?

Not at all.

The handwritten letter instantly established that the lawyer had done his homework. This made a direct connection with Mathew.

This is the power of handwritten direct mail.

Personalization: The Secret Power of Handwritten Direct Mail for Lawyers

Handwritten direct mail is ideal for lawyers because it has the holy grail of marketing and business: personalization.

With a single handwritten letter, you leave an impact on the prospective customer by communicating to them you are aware of their problems and are ready to help them.

And that’s guaranteed to work.

Why? 57% of people said in a thorough survey that receiving direct mail makes them feel valued.

Handwritten direct mail has excellent response rates which clearly beat email.

According to a research, direct mail has a whopping 4.4% response rate, compared to 0.12% for email.

Fun fact: Better Call Saul marketing techniques no longer work in the real world.

Billboards, non-personalized, untargeted emails and leaving visiting cards on random places fail to convert because we are living in the age of personalization.

People are inundated with spam.

Send them a personalized note and they will respond!

That’s why over 35% of sales generated on Amazon are the result of personalized targeting.

Over 66% of marketers attest to the dramatic power of personalization in driving sales.

Why not use this power in law advertising?

Image source

Return on Investment in Handwritten Direct Mail

Figuring out Return on Investment for handwritten direct mail is tricky because this metric depends on a lot of factors. According to a research, direct mail for attorneys, if coupled with online efforts like website or emails, has an ROI of up to 200%.

How Can Attorneys and Lawyers Find Leads for Handwritten Direct Mail?

Finding leads and prospective customers for lawyers and attorneys is easy, but the process needs some legwork.

There are primarily three kinds of leads related to legal matters:

  • Criminal and Traffic Leads
  • Bankruptcy Leads
  • Family Law Leads

Using courthouses and county websites you can get all kinds of leads. You can keep track of real-time arrest reports, find out defendants charged with felonies, misdemeanors and other offenses.

If you want to avoid all the complex work, you can buy lists of leads from third-party services.

Another great way is to outsource the complete process of lead search and direct mail posting to proven services like Yellow Letters Complete.

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Amazon Prime is the king of online shopping these days. Every day, on front porches and in mailboxes, there are brown boxes and packages with blue packing tape that says “Amazon Prime” on it. And, every day, people are eagerly awaiting the arrival of something they’ve ordered. Sure, they get tons of other pieces of mail and some other packages dropped on their front porch, but they will excitedly grab that Amazon Prime package first. 

Why Is Amazon Prime So Popular? 

Everyone, even Scrooge himself, likes to receive a package, and when it has “Amazon Prime” on it, that makes it even better!  Amazon Prime has made an impression upon online shoppers everywhere. Why? Because Amazon Prime has sent them something tangible that they can’t wait to get it! 

Amazon Prime is convenient and fast. You can get something in your hands quickly and without the hassle of shopping. You can get what you need and want without driving from place to place, without the crowds or finding a parking space, and without having to walk the aisles. You can shop at home on your schedule, relaxed. 

Can You Use This Same Strategy? 

Yes, you can keep sending those digital messages to your list of 10,000 prospective clients, but does it stand out like Amazon Prime packages do? Your digital message is one of maybe thousands, even millions, among other ads, emails, and pop-ups. 

Every day, we’re all inundated with ads upon ads, messages upon messages, to the point that we don’t even look at them anymore. We hit delete or ignore the pop-up and go on about our day. But if we receive a letter in the mail that is hand-addressed, it strikes us as a personal contact and becomes more real, even tangible.

Consistency with A Personal and Empathic Touch 

By sending your prospective clients a letter that has been hand-addressed, your brand is going to be unforgettable. It will arrive in mailboxes with a personal touch that shows you’re empathic to concerns and issues of the receiver.  

If you’re not sure how to write a message that will connect with your prospective clients, Yellow Letters Complete can help you. We can set up a scheduled plan for your letters to be sent consistently, keeping your brand in front of your prospects. And, we’ll do all that for free! 

Just like Amazon Prime has done, you too can bring happiness and surprises to mailboxes.

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Direct Mail vs Email is the million-dollar question.

As a part of the ever-bustling New York’s real estate market, we at RSOLOGY LLC, Brooklyn, NY have always tried to be innovative in getting in touch with our clients.

The ushering of the digital age did widen the scale of marketing avenues, however, all the noise began to confuse the results. We realized a pattern in the response rate of digital compared to direct mail that we were running on a small budget.

As it turns out, direct mail response rates were about 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital.

That is exactly what my real estate company, RSOLOGY LLC, Brooklyn, NY noticed when we compared ROI and response rates of Direct Mail and digital at several places, including the thriving New York real estate market.

Here are some of our key takeaways after running multiple successful direct mail campaigns.

The 3 Big Yes for Direct Marketing

Better response rates: The Direct mail response rate is about 4.4%, according to several studies and surveys. Compare that to the response rate of 0.12% for digital mails. You have a clear winner here.

The feel: The age-old ritual of checking your mailbox and the excitement of opening an unexpected envelope has never failed.

Make your message an experience.

When your pitch is coupled with the experience of
interaction with direct mail, conversion is almost guaranteed.

Targeted audience: You can target your audience and track your specific leads unlike digital mail and ads which are hard to track.

The Strategy:

Who is Your Target?

Knowing your audience is the most important thing in direct

For example, in a certain area we got a spectacular response rate when we targeted prospective leads for Probate lists or a Pre-foreclosure lists. We’d gotten 0 responses from the same area if we’d targeted the leads with messages for absentee-owned property.

Unlike the popular opinion, tracking and targeting in direct mail is very much possible. To give you an example, I just love the USPS Every Door Direct Mail Tool.

Just enter the Zip Codes based on your area and it shows you
the number of residents, number of businesses, age range, average household
size, and average household income of that zone.

Consistency is Key:

Be consistent with your message. Approach multiple times otherwise no one would pay attention. We would commonly arrange for at least 5 touches. It is ideal to determine the length of the probate process in your state and spread your campaign accordingly. The idea is to be in front of the client when he decides to sell/ buy.

Be Memorable:

Small efforts goes a long way

Working on the aesthetics of your direct mail does wonders.

When someone receives a beautiful, hand-written, aesthetically pleasing letter in their mail box, they feel compelled to respond, according to the concept of “reciprocity” in psychology.

In our case, instead of spending a lot of time, we used scented and colored envelopes and handwritten notes made by Yellow Letters Complete.

YLC also took care of writing our messages on the beautiful cards and sending them to the addresses.

Neither did we have to worry about tracking the letters over the 5 touches. It was an automated process where the dates were set for the letters to go out.

Outsourcing the whole process to YLC and focusing just on own expertise was dramatically effective for our productivity.

Shruthi Banjan

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