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You may have noticed that many people spend quite a bit of time online surfing the web these days. It’s no surprise that email and digital marketing campaigns are popular choices to generate sales and leads. Many business owners fail to realize the importance of direct mail marketing and miss out on profits because of this oversight. Consumers gravitate toward tangible products such as letters with a personal touch and Yellow Letters are the perfect solution for this. There are many businesses that fail to realize the potential of non-digital marketing. This can be a detriment to sales growth and ultimately bad for business in general. Once you try a personalized marketing product like Yellow Letters, you can enjoy watching your leads and sales flourish.

Yellow Letters as Your Business Solution

The beauty of a Yellow Letter is that it arrives in a hand addressed envelope, so the recipient feels compelled to open it and read its contents. If you are new to direct mail marketing or marketing services in general, Yellow Letters Complete should be your first stop. We offer a number of real estate letter templates and short sale marketing postcards online for your business needs. These items can provide the edge you need to close a deal and increase your sales.  Yellow Letters act as a networking tool that keeps on giving. There is no limit to how many times your personalized Yellow Letter will be passed from one person to another.

If you would like more information on Yellow Letters Complete and our marketing products, simply visit us here. We are always happy to answer any questions regarding Yellow Letters, greeting cards, door hangers, or any of the other products we offer. You can also contact us at 1-888-294-0780.

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At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer hand addressed envelope options to fit practically any type of campaign. Each envelope is hand addressed by a real person, so your envelope will be opened and your message will be read. Here are several options for hand addressed envelopes to fit virtually any hand addressed direct mail marketing campaign:

Invitation Style Envelopes: These small, invitation style hand addressed envelopes generate the highest response rates. Invitation style envelopes are available in a wide variety of colors, so you can match your hand addressed envelope to the season. They also have the most personal appearance. Because they look as though they contain a card or invitation, they are opened and the message inside is read. These envelopes are appropriate to use for nearly all campaign types and can accommodate most mail pieces. These are the most popular envelopes with our hand addressed yellow letters.


#10 Style Envelopes: These hand addressed envelopes have a more traditional appearance and work well for direct mail marketing campaigns with a more formal message. Since each envelope is hand addressed by a person, they are more likely to be opened than a common business mailer. They are also available in several colors to help them stand out even more. The #10 hand addressed envelope is larger than the invitation style envelope, so it can accommodate larger mail pieces or bulkier inserts. These envelopes work well with our letterhead and digital signature letters.


Urgent Envelopes: Just as the name suggests, this hand addressed envelope creates a sense of urgency. These envelopes are best for campaigns with time-sensitive mail pieces. The envelope is bold, bright, and easily noticed. Our Urgent Envelopes stand out even more, and these envelopes must be mailed with First Class postage.


Font Envelopes: Our font envelopes are the only envelopes that use a handwritten font instead of being physically hand addressed by a real person. However, the font is created using our proprietary variable font software, which adds variability to the characters. That means each character is unique (so the first letter ‘t’ looks different from the second letter ‘t’, and the third, and so forth. Notice how each letter ‘O’ in the word ‘Ironwood’ is different on the picture below?). We can print our handwritten font on both Invitation Style and #10 Style envelopes, so you can pick the best size to fit your campaign.


Read more about how the color of your envelope can strengthen your campaign here or contact us today to learn more about our envelope options.

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A good mailing list can go a long way in helping your yellow letter campaign to be successful. Sending a great letter to the wrong people may generate some responses, but not the responses you are looking for. That is why it’s so important to get the mailing list right. So, if I’m looking to build a good mailing list, what is the first thing I need to do?

My first consideration is the geographical area I want to target. This can be the city, county, or zip codes that appeal to me most. Keep in mind that the tighter I go with my mailing list filters geographically, the looser I will need to be with my mailing list filters for demographics. Also consider that motivation generally comes more from the demographic filters than from the geographical area I target.

For example, if I run two zip codes using the mailing list filters absentee owned properties with a purchase date of 2012 and earlier, I might have 100 records available. Now, instead of running just two zip codes, I run the entire city, and that city includes 50 zip codes. Since I am now using a larger area I might end up with 3,000 available records, still using the same mailing list filters of absentee owned properties with a purchase date of 2012 and earlier. If I have 3,000 records available, I can then be tighter with my mailing list filters for demographics. That means that instead of using a purchase date of the year 2012 and earlier, I can now go back to a purchase date of 2000 and earlier. That tightens up my target audience, and since I am using a larger area, I still have enough records available to run a campaign. I can also add other mailing list filters to help with motivation or property demographics such as the number of bedrooms for the property, the loan to value (equity), or market value.

Since I am targeting a larger area geographically there are more records available. And since there are more records available I can be tighter with my demographic mailing list filters for my yellow letter campaign or postcards. And that can help with the motivation of the individual who owns the property.

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One of the most important, and often overlooked, aspects of a successful direct mail marketing campaign is the mailing list. Choosing appropriate filters can make or break your direct mail marketing campaign, and there are several options for creating a highly targeted mailing list.

For example, let’s say you are interested in marketing to the Millennial generation. Life stages for Millennials are not parallel to the distinctive stages of Generation X or even the Baby Boomers. Many are pursuing higher education, and starting their lives beyond academia at much older ages than their parents. A recent article put out by CNBC suggests that the millennials (Generation Y) will be renting for much longer than the generation that came before them, for a wide variety of reasons.

So what does that mean for someone who is in the real estate business? The use of filters for your targeted mailing list is crucial for who you are marketing your services to; and one significant filter could be the owner’s date of birth. Filtering based on dates of birth that steer away from the millennial generation may help you find the right house that you are looking to buy, rent, or sell, simply because the millennial does not own one for you to buy.

We have the capability to use a variety of filters on your targeted mailing list to help with your yellow letter campaign. Some of our more popular options for filters include owner occupied, absentee owned (also known as non-owner occupied properties), notice of default, purchase date, owner date of birth, market value of the property, assessed value, first loan loan origination date, build date, number of bedrooms, square footage, and loan to value. The more targeted leads you have, the more responses your direct mail marketing campaign will generate, and a strategically targeted mailing list may help you win big in a real estate deal.

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We all make mistakes, and here are some mistakes to avoid when it comes to your next yellow letter or postcard marketing campaign:

1. Impersonal
Use the prospect’s name on a letter to personalize it to that individual. The letter could also personalize other things about the individual, including the address of a property the person owns.

2. Irrelevant
Make sure your message will resonate with the people you are targeting. Using appropriate mailing list filters can make it more likely that the recipient will be interested in the message on your mail piece.

3. Lengthy message
The longer your message, the less likely it is that a person will read it. Keep your message concise, and then explain the details when the person calls. For more information on this, read ‘The Call Comes First

4. Inappropriate colors
You want your yellow letter or postcard to stand out, and you want it to stand out in a good way. There is a time to use bright colors or black envelopes in direct mail marketing, but that time is not when you are marketing to a probate list. For another post on this, click here.

Following the tips above can help make your next marketing campaign more successful, and if you mail your letters in hand addressed envelopes your recipients are almost guaranteed to open your letter. Check out our yellow letter templates to help you get started on a successful marketing campaign.

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You’ve done it. You’ve decided to begin marketing with hand-addressed envelopes that have been proven to attain new clients. But now a new challenge stands before you: What do you put in the envelope?

We are in an age of information overload and it is beginning to show. A study conducted by Consumer Insights of Microsoft found that the average adult attention span has shrunk to a mere eight seconds. That means you have roughly eight seconds to make an impact on your potential client. So what should your letter say?

It is tempting to provide as much information as possible. After all, you have invested time and effort into your business and you want that care to be evident to any potential clients. However, a lengthy message may lose the attention of the reader. After all the work you’ve put into preparing your letter, it could be ignored simply because it is too long. Instead, follow these tips to ensure your message is actually read:

• Keep your message concise. Once your client calls, you can explain the finer details.
• Use short, simple words. Your client won’t call if the message is complicated.
• Be mindful of placement. Keep important information (i.e. your phone number) accessible by placing it on a separate line or at the end of a paragraph.

We recommend that your message contains no more than one hundred twenty words. You can see some examples of our typed letter, postcard and yellow letter templates here.

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In an age of technology it’s hard to believe that direct mail marketing actually yields a high response rate in comparison to other direct marketing options. Direct mail marketing still works. There are statistics provided by the CMO Council, that show direct mail yielding a higher response rate than email marketing by a large margin. Of course there are many factors that can also be considered when determining the success rate of a direct mail campaign, the size of the mailer, the color, the envelope, the text, etc. What we do know is that direct mail marketing is still successful and still yields a high response rate, especially yellow letters. Here are a few reasons why.

Direct mail is targeted to a specific demographic and more particularly, a specific mailing list. Highly targeted list can be purchased and filtered by counties, zip codes, or cities, and then filtered further to focus on the exact audience to target for success. Where someone lives, how old they are, how long they have lived there and other factors will all influence the response rate of your direct mail campaign.

Yellow letters are particularly successful in direct mail marketing for this reason. They are personalized for each individual, including their name and/or address or city of residency. Yellow letters are created with a hand-written font created from an actual person’s handwriting, so they are friendlier to the eye than your typical white sheet of paper with black typed font. Invitation style envelopes also give yellow letters a unique advantage, it’s a different size and shape than most of the mail you receive and the hand addressed envelopes are prepared by an actual person. These letters stand out from the rest.

In direct mail there are so many different options to fit any budget or audience. While yellow letters yield the highest response rate they are a bit more expensive than postcards. If you’re just getting started or trying to market on a budget there are other options available including postcards, door hangers and greeting cards. There is an abundance of options with letters as well, yellow letters of course, and also a color letterhead letter, a typed letter, and we can add a digital signature to these letters so it appears as though you have signed each one. There is also the option of a wet ink signature so a real person actually signs every letter. There are more colorful and graphic options, or simple and direct options. The world of direct mail marketing is very flexible.

Direct mail marketing is easy to keep track of. There are call forwarding services available to help with the calls. It’s easy to keep track of how many people are calling, how many coupons have been redeemed or how many emails you have received with a specific response to your mail piece. It’s simple.

We don’t all read every email in our inbox; many are deleted before you ever open them. But, we all see every envelope, flyer and postcard in our mailbox. If you see a hand addressed invitation style envelope in your mail box you will almost certainly open it. If your personalized message in that hand addressed envelope is concise and to the point, it will yield a higher response rate. Direct mail is an effective approach; in fact it is more cost effective than email marketing in this age of technology.

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