When creating your direct mail marketing campaign, there are quite a few important details to consider. From the mail piece to mailing lists and more, it’s important to take time to plan your campaign to ensure you get the best results possible. At Yellow Letters Complete, we’re here to help. From beginning to end, we can help you create a unique campaign that gets your phone ringing!

One factor to consider when preparing your direct mail marketing campaign is the phone number you are going to provide for your target audience. With so many options available, such as Google Voice, answering services, business lines, and cell phones, it can be difficult to decide what will work best for you. Before making a decision, think about the size of your campaign and the expected response rate. For larger campaigns, you may want to consider an answering service. For smaller more manageable campaigns, a personal or direct number may be more suitable.

You will want to provide a toll free number or, ideally, a local number for your target audience. This will help to establish trust among your leads. Don’t have a local number? Not a problem! At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer inbound call tracking services. Included with this service is a phone number with a local area code that can be forwarded to the number of your choice. A trackable phone number can also help you measure the response rate from your direct mail marketing campaign. Our service provides real time reporting of your calls including the call count, the duration of the call, and caller id. This allows you to keep track and follow up with prospective leads.

When creating your direct mail marketing campaign, every detail counts! At Yellow Letters Complete, we can help you get your direct mail marketing campaign started today!

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Out of all of the factors that go into a direct mail marketing campaign – the mail piece, mailing list, postage type, message, color choice, etc. – the timeline seems pretty insignificant. As long as you mail the right mail piece to the right person, that’s all there is to it, right?

Unfortunately, no.

Mailing the right mail piece, to the right person, at the right time is key.

A variety of factors can affect your direct mail marketing timeline. Mailing during major holidays, for instance, can put a damper on your response rate. For example, if your letter arrives around the 4th of July, your lead may not be home. Once they are home, they have a pile of mail to sort through. They may be tired from the holiday, or simply overwhelmed by the volume of mail they must sort through. Your lead may not take the time to open and read your letter, even if they would under normal circumstances. Instead, focus on mailing a few weeks before or after the holiday to increase your response rate. You can even send your mail piece with seasonal graphics or colors to help stand out.

The same reasoning also applies to weekly mailings. At Yellow Letters Complete, we mail on Mondays and Fridays because that gives your mail piece the highest chance of arriving to your leads midweek. This helps avoid the “Monday Blues” and the “Weekend Jitters.” Simply put, when your leads are distracted, they are less likely to open, read, and respond to your message.

Finally, make sure you are watching the news! Other timing factors can affect your campaign’s response, such as mailing during a large storm or weather abnormality in your target area, or mailing during an election and other local days of importance (such as festivals, strikes, and more).

By working to avoid mailing during these “distracted” times, you can make sure you’re leads are receptive to your campaign!

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Looking for a new way to gain leads and close more deals? Try direct mail marketing! In today’s fast-paced, digital environment, direct mail marketing remains a steadfast and effective method, standing out from the barrage of emails and junk mail that people receive every day. At Yellow Letters Complete, we provide a variety of effective mail pieces and templates to help get you results! From yellow letters, typed letters, postcards and more, we’ve got you covered!

Still on the fence? Here are just some of the reasons why direct mail marketing is so effective:


We understand the importance of personalization in your direct mail marketing efforts. When your leads receive a personalized letter, they will be more likely to read your message and respond! Not only can we include the name, property address, and any other personalized field you would like in your letter, but we also send your letters in truly hand addressed envelopes. That’s right, each envelope is hand addressed by a real person! We mail your letters in hand addressed invitation style envelopes so your letter will look like an invitation or a card from a friend. We also offer a variety of seasonal color options for your envelope or postcard to help customize your campaign.


Another benefit to direct mail marketing is that it is tangible. Being able to physically hold your mail piece can leave an impression with your target audience. Your leads may hang a physical mail piece on the fridge or place it on a desk, serving as a reminder each time your leads see it. You can also experiment with a variety of mail pieces and find out which works best for your audience.


Direct mail marketing with a targeted mailing list allows you to focus on a specific audience and hone in on individuals more likely to respond to your offer. You can use your own mailing list, or we can provide a targeted mailing list for you! We provide a variety of targeted mailing lists and can help you narrow down your audience based on a variety of filter options. You can learn more about the types of targeted mailing lists we offer here.

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Picture this – After a long day, you come home and switch on the TV. Whatever channel or show you put on, you can count on one thing: commercials! You probably see so many, in fact, that when you think of car insurance, you immediately picture Geico’s charismatic gecko or Progressive’s comedic Flo. Just about every product or service you may need has a commercial: cars, laundry detergent, snack foods, hotels, clothes, pet supplies, and so much more. And you remember them; you may even be able to quote some! When it comes time for you to purchase a product or service, chances are you’ll be drawn to the one that appears in commercials.

A successful direct mail marketing campaign should be approached in the same way. Sending a mail piece with a clear message and call to action is a great start. But that’s what it is: a start. In order to get the most response from your mailing list, you should reach out more than once. For most mailing lists, five or six times is the sweet spot. This way, your message remains consistent, but not overwhelming. And just like a commercial, your leads will remember your name when they are ready to sell!

At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer multi-touch campaigns so you can set your entire campaign up in one simple step. We set up one direct mail marketing campaign for you, and then we mail each touch on the timeline of your choice. Everything runs smoothly and automatically. This means you can spend less time setting up direct mail marketing campaigns and more time answering your phone!

The best part is that we can set up your multi-touch direct mail campaign with the number of touches YOU choose and can include any combination of mail pieces that you would like, such as yellow letters, typed letters, stationery letters, postcards, and greeting cards. The set-up is easy and the possibilities are endless!

Call us today at 888-294-0780 for more information!

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Peanut Butter and Jelly, Macaroni and Cheese, Cake and Frosting … all are amazing duos in life. They compliment each other. However, there is another great duo you might not have heard: Yellow Letters and Targeted Mailing Lists!

Yellow Letters in hand addressed envelopes are a great way to market to your target audience. The hand addressed envelope looks like an invitation or a letter from a dear friend. They are more likely to get opened and, in turn, increase your response. Once your leads open the envelopes, they will see a unique, personalized letter. So what will they do? Read it!

Still, while letters do a lot of the heavy lifting so to speak, the mailing list is equally crucial to a successful campaign. Who is receiving your mail piece? A mailing list can determine how a campaign performs. If your letters are not reaching motivated leads, your message may not bring in much response. However, making sure to use a high quality, targeted mailing list will help your message reach your ideal audience.

At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer both marketing letters and targeted mailing lists! Our tested and proven yellow letter templates will stand out in a crowd and get your phone ringing. We also offer several mailing lists and a variety of filters. We even suppress our mailing list data for six months, meaning you have exclusive access to the leads we provide for at least six months. Talk about a winning combination!  

While both Yellow Letters and Targeted Mailing Lists offer several benefits individually, they can truly shine when working together! A good direct mail marketing campaign will not go unnoticed. By pairing your yellow letters and targeted mailing lists, you can get motivated leads calling YOU!

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As you begin to prepare your direct mail campaign, you will need to decide which type of postage you would like to use. So what’s the difference between First Class and Standard Postage?

Both First Class stamps AND Standard stamps are sticky stamps that we affix to the handwritten envelopes. However, there are some unique differences between these two postage types and how they can affect your campaign.

Here are some of the main differences:

First Class Postage


  • Typically delivered within a few days (Great for time sensitive letters).
  • They are postmarked, which can give your letter more credibility when mailed from a local address.
  • There are several seasonal style options available depending on the time of year
  • Return mail is guaranteed


  • Envelopes with First Class stamps are postmarked from the location they are mailed. That means if we mail your letters from our location, your handwritten envelopes will have a Wisconsin postmark (However, we can also ship the completed letters to you to mail from your location, so the postmark would be local).
  • First Class stamps are more expensive than Standard stamps
Standard Postage


  • Envelopes are not postmarked using Standard Postage! Recipients will think they were mailed from your return address.
  • Standard stamps are a cost effective choice while still retaining a personal appearance.


  • Letters mailed with Standard postage can take longer to arrive than letters mailed with First Class postage, with the post office stating a delivery of between 3-30 days. However, we generally see them landing within a week.

Standard and First class postage are both great options for your campaign, so it comes down to what your preferences are, and if your message is time sensitive. Both of these options will get your letter where it needs to be, and they will both get you results!

For more information, watch the video below:


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When preparing your direct mail marketing campaign, there are several factors to consider: your mail piece and message, your target audience, color choices for your hand addressed envelopes, and more! One factor to also keep in mind is the type of postage you would like to use for your campaign. At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer a variety of postage options to best meet your budget and needs.   

There are a few differences to keep in mind when deciding on your postage type. The two most common postage types are First Class and Standard. One of the biggest concerns when deciding the postage type is the expected delivery time. First Class postage guarantees  delivery within 5 business days, while Standard postage guarantees delivery within 3-30 days. Standard postage will still typically arrive about a week after mailing. For extremely time sensitive lists, however, First Class postage may be the better option.

Postmarks present another difference between First Class and Standard postage. The post office does not postmark mail with Standard postage, giving your hand addressed envelopes a local appearance. However, the post office does postmark mail with First Class postage. When we mail letters with First Class postage, they will include a postmark from our Hurley, Wisconsin location. If you prefer, we can also ship your letters in hand addressed envelopes back to you, stamped with First Class postage, so you can mail them from your local post office.

Both First Class stamps and Standard stamps are physical, sticky stamps that are affixed to each hand addressed envelope. First Class stamps, however, are available in several seasonal styles, colors, and themes while Standard stamps have limited designs.

Finally…the cost. First Class postage costs an additional $0.20 per unit compared to Standard postage. If you have a time sensitive list, prefer to have your envelopes postmarked, or would like to match a specific style, First Class stamps may be the best choice for you. If the delivery time for your mailing list is not urgent, you’d prefer to forgo the postmark entirely, or you are looking for a cost effective option, Standard stamps may be a better fit.

We mail letters in truly hand addressed envelopes with a live sticky stamp, regardless of the postage type you choose! This personal touch will ensure your readers open your letter, increasing the likelihood that your direct mail marketing campaign is a success!

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