At Yellow Letters Complete, we can give your message a professional appearance by preparing a direct mail marketing campaign of typed marketing letters. For an added touch, we can add your logo and can also even sign your signature to the bottom of each letter. By sending these typed marketing letters in hand addressed envelopes, your leads will open the envelope and read your message! Sounds like the perfect plan! Could anything go wrong?

High Resolution Example


Low Resolution Example


Using a poor picture can give a fuzzy, sloppy appearance to your letter. If the ink looks splotchy, blurry, and unfinished, your leads may question your credibility. And if the letter doesn’t look its very best, your leads may also think that you don’t truly care about their situation.

So how can you avoid this mishap? Use a high resolution picture. Using a picture with a higher dpi (dots per image) can help avoid messy images that can scar your letter. For more information on how to check the resolution of your image, click here.

This same idea can be applied to other aspects of your letter. For example, we can add a digital signature to your mail piece to add a personal touch. The signature is handwritten and scanned in at a high resolution to look as authentic as possible. You can provide your own signature as well, but like the logo or image, make sure that it is a high resolution picture.

Looking for a way to avoid dealing with resolution altogether? We can help! You can add color to your typed marketing letters by sending your message on stationery. We use high resolution images on our stationery, and we can even create a custom stationery letter template for your campaign!

Would you rather go digital-free? We can sign your name to your typed marketing letters in wet ink! You can choose between blue and black ink for your wet ink signature to help your typed marketing letters maintain a personal and professional appearance.

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Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Checklist

Sending your letter in a handwritten envelope can help your message stand out, get read, and improve your response! So what do you need in order to start? At Yellow Letters Complete, we can help you set up your campaign step by step, or you can simply follow the checklist below:

  1. What Can Your Direct Mail Marketing Plan Handle? – With direct mail marketing, it’s important not to put the cart in front of the horse. Before starting your campaign, you should have your direct mail marketing plan available to consult. How often do you want to send your mail pieces? How much can your budget support? By following your direct mail marketing plan, everything else can fall into place without any worry of overwhelming yourself mentally or financially.
  2. What Area Do You Want to Target? – Make sure to have an area in mind before you set up your campaign. If you have your own mailing list, we can use that for your campaign. We can also provide a mailing list if needed. We can pull a list by county, city, or zip code.
  3. What Type of Property Are You Targeting? – Are you looking for absentee owned properties, owner occupied properties, notice of defaults, delinquent taxes, or something else entirely? When it comes to the actual property, consider what is important to you: when it was purchased, the life stage of the owner, the equity amount, the market value, the number of bedrooms/bathrooms, or anything else? By planning the typed of property you would like to target, you can add mailing list filters to ensure you are focusing on your ideal audience.
  4. What Mail Piece Would You Like to Use? – Yellow letters, typed letters, color letterhead letters, stationery letters, postcards, greeting cards, and custom mail pieces…each mail piece offers different benefits. While it can take some testing to find which mail piece performs the best in your area, you should have an idea of which mail piece may work well for your mailing list. Looking for a casual approach? Yellow letters and stationery letters may be the best choice! Need a more formal appearance? Typed letters and color letterhead letters may work best. Postcards work well for follow ups, while greeting cards, stationery letters, and custom mail pieces can show your creative side. Whichever mail piece you send, make sure it will compliment your mailing list.
  5. What Do You Want to Say? – You can choose from our several available templates that have been proven to get results. Make sure your message clearly states what you can offer your leads. If you choose to use a custom message instead, focus on keeping your verbiage concise and easy to navigate.
  6. What Phone Number Should You Include? – You can use any phone number you would like. Using a cell phone will help you answer as many calls as possible. Not keen on using your personal number? You can set up a call forwarding number that will forward calls to your phone instead. You can also choose to use a business number or a call answering service. The phone number you use can also help you track your response, so choose thoughtfully.
  7. What Return Address Should You Use? – Using a local address works best for direct mail marketing campaigns. A business address, or an address of one of your vacant rental properties, can appear the most authentic. You can also use a PO Box or an out of state address, though this can impact your response rate.

By following your direct mail marketing plan and preparing your campaign checklist, you can help your campaign hold a competitive edge! For more information about what to prepare for you campaign, contact us today!

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Spring is here and so is the time for a fresh new look for your direct mail marketing. While a traditional yellow letter is a great way to reach out to your target market, seasonal stationery is a way to mix things up and introduce some color into your direct mail marketing.

Stationery is kind of like decorating, but instead of decorating a room you are decorating your marketing. Stationery in hand addressed envelopes can be mixed and matched to suit your needs and fit the season. Consider yourself your very own marketing designer!

Spring offers some colorful stationery options. Whether you are looking for something simple, something bold, or something in between, we have several stationery templates for you to choose from.  

Spring is a time for growth and bright colors. To match your letter, you can also choose from an array of colorful envelopes and stationery envelope options. Here at Yellow Letters Complete, we offer an assortment of colors to pair with that perfect spring stationery. From pastel yellow and peach to fluorescent pink and orange we have your spring hand addressed envelopes covered.

Using spring stationery is not the only way to sprout creativity. Whether you are introducing yourself or sending to the same mailing list for a second round, postcards are another great way to reach out to your potential clients! We also offer some exciting colors for postcards such as fluorescent yellow, pink, orange, bright blue, green, red and purple. Feel like celebrating spring? Try confetti card stock!

Don’t just stop at colorful card stock: Add some graphics to grab your potential clients’ attention! Looking for budding flowers and new leaves on some spring green card stock? We’ve got you covered. Or maybe you’re looking to embrace those April showers with promises of May flowers? Have fun with a blue postcard with some rain boots. Here at Yellow Letters Complete, we have a team eager to help you turn your spring direct mail marketing into a spring masterpiece!

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Everyone is looking for that special touch to set them apart from the competition. Our hand addressed envelopes are a big part of that picture, but what about what’s inside? Spring is here, and so is our spring stationery!

Spring Stationery LetterButterfly StationeryFlower Stationery

The bright colors of our spring stationery will draw in your leads and your message will be read. If you’re looking for a more formal approach, you can use a typed font on the stationery, or you can use our handwritten font for a more personal appearance.

We have several proven templates to choose from, or you can choose to use your own verbiage!

Our spring stationery packages include the following:

  • Your choice of a spring-themed stationery letter with matching artwork on the envelope
  • Each stationery letter personalized with the recipient’s name, property address or any other information you prefer
  • Your letter verbiage customized to your needs, or your choice of one of our proven templates
  • Each letter hand assembled and inserted into hand addressed envelopes
  • A return address label with a matching graphic on the back of the envelope
  • Your choice of first class or standard sticky stamps affixed to the envelope
  • All letters mailed out for you on your schedule

Spring Stationery Envelope

Stationery works well for any time of year and we have several stationery options to match any season. After a long winter, your potential clients will love to see the bright pop of color in their mail box! Mailing your stationery in hand addressed envelopes will pique the curiosity of your leads and they will open the envelope. By presenting your message on a unique mail piece, your information will stand out and will be remembered. When your lead is ready to make the next step, your name will be on their mind!

For more information about our spring stationery, contact us today at 888-662-6772.

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Seasonal Marketing

With direct mail marketing, getting the right message to the right person at the right time is key! As seasons change, so do consumers’ needs and interests. By taking these changes into consideration, you can adjust your direct mail marketing campaign to meet your target audience’s needs.

To gain a better understanding of how seasons affect marketing, let’s take a look at each season:

Spring: Spring is a busy time in the real estate world. Many people who are planning on buying or selling aim to start in the spring. Spring can be the perfect time to send your direct mail marketing campaign as it can reach motivated sellers at the start of their search.

Summer: Like spring, summer is a popular time to buy and sell. This is especially true for families with school-age children, since moving in between school years can be an easier transition. Summer also typically brings longer days and dryer weather, so it is an appealing time to buy or sell.

Autumn: While autumn is not as popular as spring and summer when it comes to buying and selling…you can use that to your advantage! With lower inventory comes lower competition, so you can stand out even more during this “slower” season.

Winter: Winter is often a season of planning. During winter you can start mailing a multi-touch campaign for optimal results in the spring. This gives your leads time to consider selling, while simultaneously keeping your name and information in front of them.

When planning your campaigns, first do your research. Get to know your target audience as well as their needs and buying habits. Once you’ve gained a better understanding of your audience, you can create a relevant mail piece and ensure it matches the season. Lastly, track your results. Pay attention to your response rates and how they correspond with each season.

At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer a variety of seasonal envelope and stationery options to accompany any season and help get you results! Learn more here.

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You have put in the time and effort of researching your target audience, compiling or purchasing your property leads, and choosing a unique mail piece. But when all is said and done, are you prepared to talk to motivated sellers and ultimately close the deal? Let’s face it, even seasoned real estate investors will admit that talking to property leads can be intimidating. But keep in mind that you could be missing crucial deals by not answering your calls effectively! The best way to get started? Simply answer the phone; experience is key when trying to develop effective communication strategies. Although it’s important that you find a communication style that works best for you, here are a few strategies you can use to help improve your results.

Build Rapport

Although it may seem easier to get straight to the point, building rapport is a critical step to closing the deal. Selling a house is big decision, and your property leads want to know that they are working with someone they can trust. Many people like to talk about themselves, so give them an opportunity to do so. You can then seek out commonalities and increase their comfort level. Taking even just five minutes to get to know your seller can help boost trust and increase your results!

Ask the Right Questions

Once you’ve established rapport, it’s time to obtain crucial information about the seller and the property. By asking the right questions, you can take control of the conversation. This will also avoid wasting costly time and effort on a sellers uninterested in selling. When talking to a motivated seller, there is some basic information you will want to ensure you obtain including:

  • The Seller’s Information – Obtain the seller’s contact information including his or her name, the best number to call, and the best email address. Make sure you are getting the information of the person who actually owns the property. If the contact was a referral, also list the referral source.
  • Motivation to Sell – You will want to gain a better understanding of their motivation to sell. You can start buy asking how long they have owned the property and what is prompting them to sell the house at this time. For example, is it an absentee owned property, is the seller facing foreclosure, or is the property in probate? Understanding why the owner is motivated to sell will not only allow you to weed out uninterested property leads, but also provide and offer a solution to meet the seller’s needs.   
  • Property Information – This includes the basics such as style, interior, utilities, and any repairs or updates needed on the home. Other important factors include major systems, flooring types, bedroom and bathroom counts, and heating systems. Another helpful question to ask the owner is what kind of updates they would like to see done.

At Yellow Letters Complete, we also offer resources to help you close the deal! Check out What to Say to Sellers, a comprehensive overview of effective communication strategies. Contact us today at 888-294-0780 to learn more!

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A direct mail marketing campaign is a very effective way to get motivated leads in your pipeline…but do you know just HOW effective? Tracking your response rates to see which mail piece, verbiage, and mailing list has yielded the best response is a crucial component to every campaign. There are multiple ways to track results from a direct mail marketing campaign. Continue below to learn more about some of the most popular methods to track your response:

Call tracking: Create a dedicated phone number for each mail piece you use, so when a call comes through that number, you know it’s a direct result of your direct mail marketing campaign! If you prefer to use your own phone number, you can always ask the client how they heard of you. This way you are still able to accurately track your response rates.

Website Tracking: You also have the option of creating a URL/landing page specifically for a direct mail marketing campaign. This is essentially a second version of your normal website. You can track any traffic on that specific landing page. Since it is a unique page, you will know it is a result of your direct mail marketing campaign.

Identification Numbers: You can also put an identification number on your mail piece. When your leads call or visit your website, you can ask them for the identification number on the mail piece. This allows you to look up which mail piece they received.

Once you begin tracking your responses, you will be able to start focusing on the different components that have yielded the best response. This way, you can replicate what worked well and adjust what needs improvement. Ultimately, you’ll be able to increase your response rate as you make subtle changes to find exactly what works for you!

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