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The seasons change throughout the year, so why should your direct mail marketing stay the same? Our winter mail piece options give you the opportunity to add a seasonal touch to each and every piece you send!

Stationery Letters

Our seasonal stationery letters are sure to stand out. Stationery letters are available in several styles and colors so you can pick the best match for your campaign. Choose from our proprietary handwritten font or a professional typed font to fit the tone of your direct mail marketing campaign. To make your handwritten envelopes stand out even more, add the finishing touch with your choice of envelope art!

Winter Stationery    Green Winter Envelope

Greeting Cards

Looking for a different winter option? Try sending a winter-themed greeting card. Choose from our winter and holiday templates, or choose a design of your own. We can create a template for you to match your campaign and personal style. Simply send us a picture or let us know what theme you are interested in, and we will take care of the rest!

Winter Card with Deer

Our greeting cards are also perfect for the holidays. Wish your family, friends, or clients a happy holiday season with a personalized holiday card. We can customize the verbiage and will personalize every card with the name of the recipient. Each invitation style envelope is addressed individually by hand, giving your cards an extra personal touch!

Blue Happy Holidays Card

At Yellow Letters Complete, we will work with you to customize or create a mail piece that is best suited for your campaign. Whether you prefer a bright and colorful stationery letter, a personalized holiday card, or simply want to add a touch of winter to a more traditional mail piece, your marketing is sure to stand out! For more information about our winter mail pieces and how you can order yours, contact us today!

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2019 New Year Marketing Plan

5…4…3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start fresh and ramp up your marketing efforts! To help set yourself up for success this year, get organized and start strategizing with a marketing plan. It may seem like a simple step, but taking the time to plan your direct mail efforts for the year will save you time, money, and ensure you have leads rolling in all year. To help get you started, here are a few steps you can take to help you plan your direct mail marketing efforts:

Decide your Budget

The first step in creating your marketing plan is to set a budget. Start with your yearly marketing budget and break it down by month. This will help you stay on track and give you a better understanding of what size and type of campaign you can afford.Our straight-forward pricing can help you organize your budget and help you plan exactly what you will be spending each week, month, etc. We also offer a variety of mail pieces to suit your budget and get results. To help you stand out even more, we mail your letters in truly hand addressed envelopes each addressed by a real person!  Check out our high quality and cost-effective postcards, yellow letters, and letterhead letters.

Choose your Target Audience

Another key step in your marketing plan is determining your target audience. Take the time to think about which areas and types of leads will best suit your needs. At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer a variety of mailing lists to help you find motivated sellers. We also offer a variety of mailing list filters so you can reach a targeted audience. To help you remain competitive, our leads our updated daily and suppressed for six months. That means no other customers will have access to the leads we provide for at least six months after your purchase. You can learn more about our leads here.

Develop a Schedule

Once you’ve determined your budget, mail piece, and target audience, it’s time to start  developing a mailing schedule that works for you. Want to keep new leads coming in consistently? We can help! We offer both ongoing campaigns and multi-touch campaigns. This allows you to set a campaign up once, and then run on autopilot! With our ongoing campaigns, we can pull and mail to a new mailing lists on a schedule and budget that works for you. Ongoing campaigns and multi-touch campaigns can help save you time, energy, and money.

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New Year's Resolutions

With the New Year comes a chance to get a fresh start, both personally and professionally. At Yellow Letters Complete, we know that it’s never too early to start planning your direct mail marketing efforts for the year. By setting yourself with a game plan and sticking to that plan, you can keep new leads rolling in throughout the year and spend your time and energy focusing on growing your business.

To help you get started, here are a few marketing resolutions to keep you on track:

Create a Marketing Plan

Creating a marketing plan may seem obvious, but it’s a crucial component to planning your marketing efforts. Take some time to determine your direct mail marketing objectives as well as how you plan to accomplish them. You will want to determine your target audience, timing, mail pieces, budget, etc. Who would likely benefit from your services? At Yellow Letters Complete, we can help you create a targeted mailing list with filters to fit your campaign. We will work with you to determine the best filter options available.

Try an Ongoing Campaign

Looking for an easy and convenient marketing option? Consider an ongoing campaign! With an ongoing campaign, you simply set it up once and we take care of the rest. We can help you create a unique campaign that best suits your needs and budget. You can have your mail piece sent out to a new batch of leads on a timeline that works best for you. It’s a great way to reduce the time and effort spent on marketing while still keeping new leads coming in consistently. You also have the ability to pause and restart your campaign at any time!

Be Consistent

Finally, be consistent! Just like any form of marketing, direct mail requires repetition. At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer multi-touch campaigns which allow you to send out as many follow-up touches to your mailing list as you would like. We can also help you coordinate and match your mail pieces to help catch your target audience’s attention. We offer yellow letters, typed letters, stationery letters, postcards, greeting cards, and more! Most importantly, stick to your marketing plan and follow through!

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Looking for a way to send another campaign before the end of the year (and even reduce your taxes)? Consider sending a holiday mail piece. At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer several holiday mail piece options to add a festive flair to your campaign.

So why should you choose to send a holiday mail piece? Continue below for some benefits of sending a holiday campaign:


Available in several styles and colors, our holiday mail pieces are sure to stand out and get noticed. Your leads will love opening their mail box to discover a vibrant, festive mail piece inside. Looking for an envelope to match? We have red and green invitation style envelopes perfect for the season, or several other vibrant colors for you to choose from. Want to add some extra flair, perfect for the holidays? We can print a festive picture on each handwritten envelope!

Holiday Envelopes


Like all of our direct mail options, our holiday mail pieces can be personalized for each lead. Your letter can include personalized information, such as your lead’s name, property address, and more. We also hand address every single envelope, giving your campaign an extra personal touch. By sending a handwritten mail piece during the holiday season, your leads will be sure to open and read your message.


We can customize your mail piece to suit your needs and preferences. Besides our several available templates (such as our stationery letters and holiday cards), we can also create a custom template for your campaign. Simply tell us which theme you would like for your campaign and we will create your mail piece. If you have your own image, we can use that as well!

For more information about our holiday mail piece options and how you can order yours today, contact us at 888-294-0780.

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Reduce Taxes - Money Bags

How to Reduce Taxes with Direct Mail Marketing

With the end of the year quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what to do with your marketing budget. Wouldn’t it be great if you could put your money into something that will benefit you in the new year? Consider investing in direct mail marketing! By utilizing your remaining budget for your marketing efforts, you can set yourself up for success, and even reduce your taxes! Not only will you be able to keep your phone ringing all year long with new leads, but with this larger year end purchase, you will also receive a bigger deduction come tax season.

Campaign Options to Fit Your Schedule

The best way to ensure you get the most out of your campaign and tax deductions is to do some planning before the year ends. Consider your marketing needs for the year and choose a campaign that best meets those needs. One great option is a multi-touch campaign. At Yellow Letters Complete, we can help you create a multi-touch campaign that could potentially take you through the entire New Year, or whatever schedule works best for you. Multi-touch campaigns are a great way to increase your return on investment and save money. We can also save you time by automatically sending your mail on the schedule of your choice!

If you prefer, we can also take a large mailing list and schedule the mailings in smaller batches to best suit your schedule and needs. Another great option is to mail to multiple lists throughout the year, and we can help you stay organized and on schedule. Simply set up the campaign once and we take care of the rest. To make the most of your budget and deductions, do some proper planning to ensure you are making the most out of your direct mail marketing efforts.

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Looking to stand out and try something new this Holiday Season? Grab the attention of your target audience by sending a seasonal mail piece. Our festive stationery letters and holiday cards can help increase your response rate while maintaining a personal appearance!

Stationery Letters

Our festive stationery letters are perfect for anyone looking to send a personalized marketing campaign with a seasonal component.  You can choose from our available templates, or we can create a custom template using your preferred theme!

Holiday Stationery - Ornaments  Holiday Stationery - String of Lights     Holiday Stationery - Garland

Holiday Greeting Cards

If you are looking for a way to send a warm welcome to your audience, try one of our holiday greeting cards! Let your clients know you appreciate their business with one of our charming and decorative cards. Choose one of our card options or use a custom design of your own! With our hand-addressed envelopes and festive holiday cards, you can leave a lasting impression with your leads.

Holiday Greeting Card - Snow Village

Seasonal Envelopes

We can also send our stationery letters, holiday greeting cards, or any other letter option in a seasonal envelope. We have several available colors to choose from, and we can even print a seasonal graphic on each envelope to help your campaign stand out even more!

Holiday Envelope - Red Santa   Holiday Envelope - Green Gifts

Other Seasonal Mail Piece Options

Our seasonal options don’t stop at stationery letters, holiday greeting cards, or festive envelopes. We can also customize any mail piece to match the theme of your letter! Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or any other holiday, we can give your seasonal mail piece a unique twist. We can add a picture to your typed letter or postcard, or even include an insert of your choice with each letter. Taking the time to coordinate your mail piece, envelopes, and ink colors will help your campaign stand out and get results!

Holiday Typed Letter - Mistletoe       Holiday Postcard - Santa and Gifts

For more information about our seasonal mail piece options and what you can include on yours, contact us at 888-294-0780.

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It’s that wonderful time of year again where we take time to reflect on what we are thankful for. Here at Yellow Letters Complete, we are thankful for the cornucopia of benefits associated with direct mail marketing! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to direct mail marketing, here are a few of the many benefits of direct mail you can enjoy:


In today’s fast paced world, direct mail marketing stands out more than ever! Think about the last time you received a personalized handwritten envelope in the mail. If you did, you’d probably take the time to open it, right? Our personalized approach helps ensure your mail piece not only gets opened, but gets read. We can personalize each letter with the name, property address, and any additional information you would like to include. We can even help you coordinate your campaign with a variety of envelope and ink color options. You can also choose from an assortment of mail piece options including: yellow letters, color letterhead letters, postcards, greeting cards, stationery letters, and more!


One of the benefits of direct mail marketing includes options to create targeted campaigns. You have the power to choose what specific demographic you would like to target. This helps save yourself time and money by avoiding unmotivated leads. At Yellow Letters Complete, we provide high quality, targeted mailing lists to help get you results! You can filter by area (city, county, or zip code) among several other filter options. To ensure your list targets motivated leads, we can filter for date of birth (retirement age usually helps with motivation) and purchase date (older purchase dates usually help with motivation). We can also include other specific filters such as the market value of the home, build date, bedroom count, and more!


It is easy to set up a direct mail marketing campaign. You don’t need a huge marketing budget or hours of manpower to create a successful campaign. Not sure what mail piece to use? We’re here to help! We offer a variety of template options to help get you started. Or if you prefer, we can create a custom mail piece for you with your verbiage. We also mail your envelopes in truly hand addressed envelopes, proven to have a higher response rate than other traditional mail marketing.

We also make ordering easy by providing a variety of convenient ordering options. You can order online at, or give us a call and we would be happy to help you set up your direct mail marketing campaign.  We will set up proofs for your approval so you can preview your letter before we mail them. Our pricing is straight forward and inclusive with no hidden fees. Included in our price is your mail piece, truly hand addressed envelopes, return address labels, and postage.

Call today and see the benefits of direct mail marketing for yourself!

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As you previously learned, multi-touch direct mail campaigns can help you effectively reach your leads with a consistent message. By sending multiple touches to a single mailing list, you can keep your name and information in front your leads. This can also help cultivate trust and credibility with your potential clients. But what happens if someone reaches out to you before all of your touches have landed? If your leads have already expressed interest, or have asked to be removed from your mailing, how can you ensure they won’t receive the remaining touches? No problem! We can remove names from your multi-touch campaign for any upcoming mailings.

At Yellow Letters Complete, it is fast and easy to submit your name removals. As long as we have one week notice prior to the scheduled mail date, we can remove names from your remaining touches. Simply send us an email at with any names and/or addresses you would like to remove. To ensure we have your complete list of removals, please send them in a single batch. Once we receive the list of removals, we will remove those names from all future mailings!

With any direct mail campaign, some leads may request to be removed from your mailing. By responding quickly to these leads, you will keep a professional, positive image.

This simple process will help you avoid mailing to unsuitable leads multiple times. Whether they lack interest OR have already responded with interest, name removals help target your list and optimize your subsequent mailings. We want you to get the most out of your multi-touch direct mail campaigns, so we’ve made sure to include an easy name removal process. See for yourself how easy and effective multi-touch direct mail campaigns can be!

For more information, please call us at 888-294-0780 or email us at

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Not getting the results you were hoping for out of your direct mail marketing campaign? Consider sending a follow up touch!  A multi-touch direct mail campaign is a great way to stay on your target audience’s mind and help improve your response rate. At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer a variety of mail piece options and colors to help coordinate your campaign and get your audience’s attention! As well as being cost effective, here are three benefits you can enjoy when creating your multi-touch campaign:

Less Work

Although starting a multi-touch direct mail campaign may seem like a lot of work, it actually decreases the amount of energy spent in the long run. You simply set up your campaign once, and we take it from there! You can choose the timing of your touches to ensure your campaign works best with your schedule.

Multi-touch campaigns are also a great way to experiment with different mail pieces and find what works best for your market.  By repurposing and reusing your multi-touch direct mail campaign, you can save yourself time and effort in the future.  

Increase ROI

Although sending one letter can be effective, often times, it simply isn’t enough. By reaching out several times, you are not only staying on the mind of your target audience, but also establishing your credibility. By sending out multiple touches, you are showing your target audience that you are a legitimate and credible buyer. 

Sending follow up touches also allows your audience more time to make a decision. Although they may not be ready to sell initially, they very well might be a few touches down the road and your name will be the first on their minds when they are ready to do so. 

Lastly, multi-touch campaigns allow you to illustrate a sense of urgency with each mail piece. Be sure to let your audience know that your offer or interest may not last and use your final touch as a powerful call to action.


With multi-touch campaigns, you have more freedom to experiment with a variety of mail pieces. In direct mail marketing, practice makes perfect! What works well for one audience may not work as well for others, but you can increase your chances by trying different approaches with each touch. For your first touch, letters are most effective, but we offer unique mail piece options for follow up touches including postcards, greeting cards, stationery letters, and more!

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of a multi-touch direct mail campaign and get your phone ringing? Get started today!

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Distressed property leads may feel like a dream come true for any real estate investor. The motivation is high and the timing is urgent; what could go wrong?

Unfortunately, marketing to a distressed property mailing list isn’t quite as simple as it may appear. Your leads are often facing high stress levels and they may not be open to receiving a letter reminding them of their situation. Instead, follow the tips below to make sure you can connect with your leads and get your phone ringing:

The Letter

You want to come across as a resource, so you send a letter to your distressed property leads explaining how you can offer relief from their situation. Great idea, right? Maybe not. Highlighting their unpleasant situation may cause your leads to feel defensive and resentful. They might feel like their privacy has been violated and cease to be receptive to your marketing. Yikes!

Instead, consider sending a short message that does not mention their situation. This way, you can still mention the benefits of working with you, such as a quick closing or an all cash purchase, while avoiding any embarrassment or animosity from your leads. This will, in turn, increase your response.

The List

Distressed property leads are often dealing with a strict timeline, so it is imperative that your mailing list is up to date. Using an old, outdated mailing list may cause you to miss connecting with your leads. They may have found a different solution, or they may no longer be making decisions for that property.

Make sure to ask your data provider how often their information is updated. Different processes, such as Foreclosure, have different rules depending on your state. Make sure to research your state’s timelines for these processes. You can also reach out to a real estate coach in your state for additional assistance.

The Timing

Like the list, the timing is essential for a successful campaign. Again, these leads are often facing urgent timelines, so sending your direct mail as quickly as possible to your list will help keep your response rate high.

Sending multiple touches can also help increase your response. Unlike other lists, where sending a follow-up every four to six weeks is the norm, distressed property leads require a faster timeline. Consider sending a follow-up each week or every other week to keep your name and information in front of your leads.

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