Absentee Owned Property Leads

Absentee Owned property leads are extremely effective leads when it comes to finding motivated sellers. They typically fall into three categories: rental property, vacation property, or vacant property. They are ideal for wholesaling because many times when these properties are rentals the last renters in the property have caused some damage that the current owner does not want to fix. Absentee owned leads also work well for lease options because the seller is frequently okay with the idea of having renters in the property, and this is typically one of the larger obstacles when finding a lease option seller. In fact, in many cases the property already has a renter living in it.

These leads can be filtered by high equity if you are looking for wholesale transactions or by low equity if you are looking for short sale transactions. We can also filter by purchase date, build date, owner date of birth, square footage, number of bedrooms, loan type (adjustable, fixed) and out of state owner.

Why to Market to Absentee Owned Property Leads

  • A large percentage of absentee owned properties are vacant
    That’s right! These are VACANT HOUSES!
  • Filter Absentee Leads by High Equity
    Find absentee owned properties with high equity for wholesale transactions, as these sellers will have more room for negotiation.
  • Filter Absentee Leads by Low Equity
    If you specialize in short sales, this option can help you find people who may have a better chance to qualify for a short sale
  • The Property May Be Rented
    These properties frequently already have a renter in them, so if you’re looking for a rental these can be turnkey transactions.
  • More Time to “Pre-Sell” the Property
    The Bank and attorneys are not pushing you, you can do the transaction at your own pace.
  • Less Emotion Involved
    Dealing with Absentee Owners is a lot different than dealing with people who are behind on a mortgage. The phone calls are not as emotionally charged, and if you are just getting started investing these leads may give you a better conversion rate.
  • Great for Drip Campaigns
    Send a yellow letter to Absentee Owned Leads, then send a follow-up letter for the next two months. This will ensure you find all of the potential transactions in your area.

Start Marketing to Absentee Owned Property Leads

Product Details Price Per Unit Order Now
99¢ Yellow Letters with Absentee Owned Leads $1.19 ORDER
99¢ Yellow Letters with Absentee Owned Leads, 2 Touch Campaign $2.14 ORDER
 Absentee Owned Properties – Leads Only  39¢ ORDER

Frequently Asked Questions About Absentee Owned Property Leads

1. What is the minimum order? The minimum quantity for mailing lists is 250 records. You may order the leads by themselves or with yellow letters. If you choose to use yellow letters with the Absentee Owned Property list, we can choose from several of our templates or we can customize a letter for you.
2. Can you pull a count and tell me how many leads are available in my area? Yes, we can pull counts. Simply tell us the county, city or zip codes and we will tell you what is available. We suppress data for each of our clients so you will not be marketing to the same leads as one of our other clients.
3. How and when will my leads be delivered? Your absentee owned property leads will be delivered via Excel Spreadsheet, typically within 24 hours.
4. How should I select my leads? You can choose your leads by zip code, county or city. When using zip codes, you’ll need to provide us with at least 10 zip codes and indicate whether you want them pulled randomly or in order of preference.
5. Can I filter by equity? Yes, we can filter by the least or most equity. Any time a filter is added, the counts will decrease and you may need to expand your search area to find enough leads. We can also filter by purchase date, build date, date of birth, square footage, number of bedrooms, loan type and out of state owners.
6. Can I get a discount for ordering large quantities? Yes, discounts are available for orders of 2,000 or more.
7. What information do I get with my Absentee Owned Property List? You’ll get property owner’s name and contact information including mailing address, as well as the address of the absentee owned property. You do not get phone numbers.

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