At Yellow Letters Complete, we can help you create a direct mail campaign to best suit your needs. But before you choose your campaign’s details, such as the mail piece, colors, and schedule, you first have to decide where you will be mailing and what type of lead you are targeting.

So where do you start?

Your Mailing List Type

First, you should take some time to decide how you are best able to help your leads. Are you equipped to handle very urgent timelines in order to assist Notice of Default leads? Do you have the knowledge or experience necessary to help guide probate leads (not to mention patience and emotional strength)? Every list type has its own set of benefits and difficulties. By first assessing how you can help and to what manner you can offer help, you can choose a list type that best fits your goals.

For most list types, you can also add mailing list filters
to help further target your ideal audience. This could include things such as
the owner’s age, the purchase date, the market value, the number of bedrooms,
the size of the house, and much more. Adding mailing list filters can help you
locate a targeted audience while staying within your marketing plan and budget.

Your Target Area

You will also need to decide on the area you would like to focus on. Depending on how rural or how urban your location is can determine the amount of leads available, the mailing list filters and types of leads that are available, and the amount of competition for those leads.

A simple rule to remember is that the larger the target area, the more filters you can include. For a single zip code, you may be limited as to how many filters you can include. For a handful of counties, you can typically get very specific with your filter choices.

For more information about choosing your mailing list and location, contact us today at 888-294-0780.

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At Yellow Letters Complete, we source and market many types of leads for business owners. For real estate investors, our most common leads are: NOD, high net worth, renters, and absentee owned.

In recent years, we’ve noticed a growing demand for probate leads. Though we do not source these, we’ve helped scores of investor create direct mail campaigns targeting them.

Probate leads are different from other lead types in that they are not driven by market conditions. Whether there’s a recession or not; a buyers or sellers’ market, you will find probate leads are always valuable.

What is a Probate Lead?

A probate lead is potential seller who has inherited property after the passing of a relative. Oftentimes these properties will be out of state from the new owner and causing the sale to happen quickly. In addition because of the suddenness of the inheritance, new owners will likely be unprepared for the financial responsibility of taking care of the property. According to our research 40% of homes newly listed in probate will sell within 6 months.

How to Find Probate Leads?

First and foremost be cautious about buying probate leads from independant websites. Since probate leads are a highly valued type of lead, do you research before accepting anyone’s claim to have good data.

Consider going straight to the source!

Probate leads are matters of public record accessible by anyone. The most reliable source would be your county clerk’s records. Google “ local probate listings” and locate how your county lists probate court properties.

Once you build your trusted list of probate leads, you next must create a multitouch mail campaign to get the highest response possible.

Here’s our recommendation on how what to say, and how to setup your campaign:

Four Steps to Successfully Market to Probate Leads

Though more expensive than the others, probate leads can be more than worth the investment. The key to marketing your list of probate leads will be patience, multitouch, variety and empathy. Let’s breakdown each of these for you:

1. Be Patient With Your Marketing

Marketing to probate leads requires patience. These individuals have just experienced the passing of a loved one and you shouldn’t bombard them. Instead by plan on sending a few follow up messages and don’t give up early.

2. Plan a Multitouch Campaign

Probate leads have a lot happening. To help your brand stand out, plan on sending multiple mailings. A multitouch campaign will help you look professional and serious about your interest in purchasing their property.

3. Use a Variety of Media Types

When sending your multitouch campaign, don’t just send postcards. Oftentimes the best results will come from a white letter with a hand-signed postcard, followed by a postcard about two weeks later. If they still do not respond in the next few weeks, we’ll send another white letter branded with your company logo.

4. Be Empathetic in Your Messaging

The final suggestion for you probate campaign is to be empathetic. Oftentimes, investors may send letters that are too informal, too aggressive, or too short. With probate leads your approach needs to be totally different. You must come with empathy and sympathy because their recent loss. Your messaging should be more formal and carefully written.

How to Get Started?

If you already have a probate marketing list and would like additional guidance, please schedule a free consultation. Yellow Letters Complete offers every customer a white-gloved, full-service campaign support no matter how large or small your campaign is.

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At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer several campaign types, including multi-touch campaigns. Multi-touch campaigns can help improve the response rate for your campaign by reaching out to a single mailing list multiple times. This helps keep your name and information consistently in front of your leads. As credibility and trust builds, more leads will reach out over the course of a multi-touch campaign.

So how can you create a multi-touch to best suit your target audience? At Yellow Letters Complete, it’s simple! To optimize your multi-touch campaign, follow the steps below:

Mix Up Your Mail Pieces

With a multi-touch campaign, using more than one type of mail piece can help boost your results. By keeping a fresh appearance, your leads will be more likely to open and read each mail piece. To help stand out, consider sending a mix of yellow letters, typed letters, and postcards, or even some more unique mail pieces such as stationery letters or greeting cards.

If you prefer to stick with a single mail piece type, try mixing up the colors. We offer several envelope colors and sizes, ink colors, and card stock colors to help each touch stand out among the crowd. We can also include graphics on envelopes or postcards to further personalize each touch.

Envelopes Postcard with Graphic

Use a Consistent Message

While each mail piece should have a slightly different appearance, your message should be consistent. While the wording should offer slight variations, your overall message should cover similar information each time. This may include the benefits of working with you, how you can specifically help, and more. You should also use the same contact information on each mail piece to help your leads recognize your name.

You can also use verbiage to reference your previous mailings, such as “I’m reaching out again,” or “I’m surprised I haven’t heard from you.” This will also remind your leads that you have mailed them consistently. To create a sense of urgency, you can use words such as “Final Notice” or “This is my final letter,” on the last mail piece in your campaign.

Smiley Face Postcard

Choose an Appropriate Schedule

One of the best things about a multi-touch campaign is that it will mail automatically on the schedule of your choice. So how can you decide what schedule is best for your campaign? It depends on your list. For extremely urgent lists, such as Notice of Defaults, sending a mail piece every 2 weeks, or even every week, can help ensure you are reaching your leads in time for them to make a decision. For lists that require more patience, such as a probate list, sending a mail piece every six weeks may be best. This can help keep your contact consistent, but respectful.

If you are unsure how many weeks to schedule in between mailings, four weeks is a safe choice. This can also be especially helpful for reaching leads around their monthly “pain point.” For example, what might an absentee owner, such as a renter, dislike? Maybe it is collecting payment from renters, or paying utilities and property taxes. By mailing to these leads once a month, you can remind them of another option each time they deal with their monthly “pain points.”

Calendar with Date

A multi-touch campaign can help you plan and manage your direct mail marketing. To set-up your multi-touch campaign, contact us at 888-294-0780.


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What’s in a name? At Yellow Letters Complete, we’re most recognized for our personalized yellow letters. However, we also offer several other mail piece options to best fit your business and campaign style. Regardless of your industry, we can provide targeted leads, high quality mail pieces, and truly hand addressed envelopes to help you stand out and grow your business.

In addition to realtors, we’ve worked with a variety of industries such as auto dealers, dentists, financial advisors, collection agencies, HVAC, and more! If you don’t see your industry listed, that’s no problem! We are committed to helping you design a mailing campaign that can gain new customer and maintain existing clients.

Typed Letter     Green Postcard

Not sure where to start? No problem! We can provide you with a variety of leads to best suit your marketing needs. We offer high-quality, targeted mailing lists with a variety of filters to choose from to best meet your industry’s needs. Our helpful staff can also work with you to determine the most effective filter options. We can help you gain new customers by targeting leads who are most likely to utilize and benefit from your services. Click here to learn more about the variety of leads lists we offer. Already have your own list? We will format and clean up your list free-of-charge!


In addition to targeted mailing lists, we also offer a variety of mail piece options to choose from, or we can help you create a unique custom mail piece. We can even provide digital or wet ink signatures on every mail piece for a professional touch. Want to stand out? Consider including an insert such as a coupon or business card. To help you retain existing customers, we can also help you create thank you notes or seasonal greeting cards to help stay in touch or show your appreciation.

Thank You Card

We also truly hand address each and every envelope for a personal touch. That’s right, each envelope is hand addressed by a real person to ensure your message gets opened and read! Contact us today and see for yourself how effective a direct mail marketing campaign can be!

Handwritten Envelopes

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So you just purchased a leads list of property sellers. Perhaps absentee owners or high equity leads? You’ve got big plans for 2019 and you’re ready to make it rain with direct mail!

However, you’ve tried it once or twice and the results were sub-par.

Still… every guru out there brags about insane. So what am I missing?

Now, instead of just learning from more failure… (which you can’t afford anyway)

You’re now looking to learn, how to get best ROI on your lead list.

First off, let’s start with your foundation:

  1. List Quality (targeted, scrubbed, formatted, and not recently sold for at least 6 months)
  2. Letter Quality (See our handwritten vs font envelope comparison)
  3. Messaging (be short and direct)

If you’ve struggled in the past, it’s likely the leads list was bad or your letter was generic or your message was too long and bloated. If you have already covered those 3 foundations, you’re on the right track. Your ROI should be positive, but maybe you feel like you could have done better.

In the past 10 years, we have worked with thousands of real estate investors and agents and we know that those who follow those 3 steps will achieve results.

But you’re not reading this to get average results right?

You want the highest possible ROI. So now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about becoming exceptional.


How to get exceptional results from your leads list

When you read the testimonials on our website of 20 and 30% response rates, it’s easy to think it’s all smoke and mirrors or luck or chance. We’ve seen it’s very possible when you plan your direct mail campaign with this one key element:

Plan Your Campaign Like a High Performing Salesman

Think about a top performing sales person.

Sure they may have the looks of a greek god or the personality of Steve Jobs. But in order to stay at the top, whether in person, over phone or email they have to FOLLOW UP.

Top performers don’t just show up and show off… they come back after defeat. They call back after being hung-up on. They catch you months later after you just happened to fire your last vendor.


The key to getting exceptional results from your mailing list is planning multi-touch campaigns.Multi-touch marketing campaign

One time mailings are a start, but they are just that – a starting point. If you really want serious results from your leads list, you need to follow up. You cannot know what’s happening in the lives of your prospect on the day your mail is received.

But you can be certain that following up with that prospect 3, 4 or 5 times will exponentially increase your chances of success.

Like high performing salesmen, multi-touch campaign can do the following

  • Form a relationship with your prospect
  • Establish your brand in the prospect’s mind
  • Convey the seriousness by your consistency
  • Go from bad timing to perfect timing

With Yellow Letters “Complete” we believe your job should be spent answering calls and closing deals. We will manage your mailing campaign throughout the year.

When we put together a multi-touch campaign for your leads list with you…

We handle all the work, the scheduling, the timing, and the scrubbing for you.

We even give your price breaks and discounts because of nature of the volume over time.

So which campaign would you choose?

  • Option (A): A single mailing. Fingers crossed. Lucky rabbit’s foot in pocket. Hoping that the stars aligned and your one piece of mail was seen, opened and needed by your prospect. Or…
  • Option (B) We plan with your a multi-touch campaign. Your price discounted. And we fully manage, schedule, scrub, and consistently deliver a variety of messages, postcards and letters to your list… Establishing your brand and keeping you top of mind with 3, 4 or 5 or more chances to meet your prospect at the point of their need?

Whichever option you choose… we’re ready to help you.

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At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer several proven templates to use for your campaign. But what if you have something else in mind? No problem! We will work with you to create a custom mail piece to fit your campaign. From custom messages to custom graphics, we have you covered.

So how can you begin to start designing your custom mail piece? Follow the guide below to make sure your mail piece stands out from the crowd!

The Message

In order to maintain the attention of your readers, your message must be engaging. Make sure your message includes the following:

  • Short and clear verbiage. Avoid long messages that clutter the mail piece with irrelevant information
  • The benefits. Share how your clients will benefit from contacting you.
  • The offer. Make sure your clients know why they should call you instead of someone else.
  • The call to action. You should remind your clients to contact you and give clear contact information for them to follow.

The Layout

Your layout should be clear and easy to navigate. To maintain a good structure for your mail piece, be sure to include the following:

  • A clear headline, if you choose to include one. You want on distinct central message, so avoid long or complex headlines.
  • Easy to locate contact information. Your name, phone number, etc. should all be easy to find on your mail piece.
  • A structured body for your message. Designate an area on your mail piece for your message to avoid adding clutter and distracting your reader.

The Appearance

To stand out and get noticed, your mail piece should have a pleasant or striking appearance. This may include:

  • Graphics that support your message. Make sure the picture reinforces your message and does not distract your readers.
  • Your company name and logo. This can give your mail piece a more professional or credible appearance
  • Color choices. Colors can be used to catch your audience’s attention and guide reactions. You can also use colors to match the season or your logo. You can choose the color or your envelope, paper, and ink!

Never underestimate the power of presentation. Even if your mail piece excels in one area, it won’t leave an impact if the other areas fall flat. Use all three categories to build an engaging custom mail piece and get your phone ringing!

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Are you looking for a way to help your direct mail campaign stand out from the crowd? At Yellow Letters Complete, we offer several options to customize your campaign. From customizable templates to custom inserts, we can give every campaign an extra personal touch.

At Yellow Letters Complete, we are known for our truly handwritten envelopes. Every single envelope is addressed individually by hand, which can dramatically increase your open rate. But it doesn’t have to stop there. We can add customized inserts to your campaign, so your leads have a physical reminder of your message. Need a unique message, template design, or graphics? We have you covered! To learn more about some of our custom direct mail options, continue below:


We can include a custom insert with your mailing to help your message stand out. We can print a response postcard and place a First Class stamp so it’s ready to go. Your personal business cards can also be inserted with your letter. Simply ship them to our location, and we’ll take care of the rest. In fact, we can use many types of custom inserts, such as a flyer, magnet, and more. We can even place a truly handwritten sticky note on each letter for an extra personal touch. The possibilities are endless!


While we have several available templates for yellow letters, typed letters, stationery letters, postcards, greeting cards, and more, we understand that certain campaigns require a unique message. No problem! We can create a custom template for your campaign so your message suits your needs. We will use your verbiage and/or images and will send over your proofs for your approval.

Other Custom Direct Mail Options

We offer custom options for practically every aspect of your campaign for you to mix and match. Our envelopes come in several colors, can be addressed in red, blue, or black ink, and can even have a custom graphic printed on the front. You can choose between First Class and standard postage, and even decide where your return address is placed. We also offer a variety of paper and card stock colors to fit your campaign.

Looking for an option that wasn’t listed above? Please contact us at 888-294-0780 or email us at info@yellowletterscomplete.com with your custom request!

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