Getting Exceptional Results From A Purchased Leads List For Wholesaling Is Possible

Well you just made that first purchase of absentee owners and high equity property leads. Are you ready to get that business flowing in now?  Perhaps your previous attempts of using leads list wasn’t profitable, but here at Yellow Letter Complete, we guarantee that any wholesale property lead list you get from us, won’t have that same sub-par performance. Failure is a learning tool, but when it comes to wholesaling real estate, you can’ t affords a lot of learning. You need a lead list that has the best ROI possible.

How Do You Get Started?

  1. The first thing you need for a quality wholesaling list  are leads of high-quality that has been scrubbed and formatted, then targeted at the audience that will get you the most positive results.
  2. Next, you need quality letters either digital or handwritten. We have comparisons that will allow you to decide which is more your personal style for wholesaling.
  3. Last, but not least, you want a direct and short message that is related to your wholesale real estate business.

If you have had wholesale leads in the past that did nothing more than provide you struggles instead of results, it was either from an inferior wholesale leads list or the letter was too generic or was bloated and too long, with the message lost in the bloat.

What If You Had The Best In Leads and Letters?

Maybe your leads and list covered those three steps, but your ROI wasn’t what you expected or should have been? The experienced staff at Yellow Letter Complete has worked with thousands of real estate wholesalers over the years, and we know that those three steps are key in achieving great results. So, with the basics reviewed, let’s make your next wholesaling lead purchase exceptional.

The How To For Exceptional Results

Our website offers several testimonials from past wholesale real estate clients that saw response rate of 20% to 30%, some even more. Is it a smoke and mirror gimmick? Or was it nothing more than chance that happened to have good luck? Or was it that here at Yellow Letter Complete, we know that with a properly planned and executed direct mail campaign, you will have a high performance with a high ROI?

You need to think like top performing sales person. It is more than good looks or great personality. The ROI is accomplished with your FOLLOW UP. Any top performing sales person will tell you that they do more than simply show up and show off… They go back and follow up again, even after being defeated. The call back can often be the right timing, even months later, especially when it comes to wholesaling real estate.

 A Multi-Touch Campaign Gets The Exceptional Results

To get your wholesaling campaign started, the one-time mailings are where you get started, but that’s all they are – a starting point. For your leads to provide you those serious results, follow up is a must. Why? Because you don’t know, you can’t know, what’s going on for those prospects’ daily lives.

What you will know is that follow up will increase your chances of making a wholesale deal that will be fruitful and successful. Why? Because you haves a multi-touch campaign that has allowed you to form a relationship with the prospects and establish your brand in their mind. You have conveyed your earnest and serious concerns with consistency.

Your job as a wholesaler should be answering calls and closing deals. Let Yellow Letters Complete manage your direct wholesale mail campaigns with our multi-touch theory. We will handle all the work, including the scrubbing, the scheduling, and the timing.

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Get More From Your Wholesaling Multi-Touch Campaign With These Optimization Tips

When it comes to multi-touch campaigns for wholesaling real estate, nobody has as many different types of campaigns as we do here at Yellow Letters Complete. It isn’t any secret that response rates of a single wholesale mailing list are improved with multi-touch campaigns. It’s all about keeping your name and contact information in front of your wholesale leads constantly and building credibility and trust with those prospects.

But what is the best way to create a multi-touch wholesaling campaign that suits your target audience the best? Yellow Letters Complete has found that every multi-touch campaign should be optimized to get the best results, and we have outlined some tips for you:

Mix Up Your Wholesale Campaign Mail Pieces

Any multi-touch campaign, especially for wholesaling real estate, should use several types of mail pieces. This keeps a fresh look that will not only be more likely to be opened by your leads but read too. Mix up the traditional yellow letters with typed letters on stationery, send greeting cards, and postcards.

Or maybe you like a type of mail piece you’ve created and feel it says all it needs to say. Set up a wholesale multi-campaign with that mail piece on different colors of stock. Yellow Letter Complete offers a variety of stock colors, ink colors, and sizes too, all of which can make your mail piece stand out. By adding some graphics or your company logo on a piece ever-so-often, you’ll be giving it a personal touch.

A Consistent Message Is a Must For Optimizing Your Wholesaling Mail Campaign

A different look with each mail piece to give each is always a great idea, but you want your message to be consistent with each mailing. Change the wording a bit, but the message should overall be the same, providing the same information, including your contact information should never deviate.

With each consecutive mailing in your wholesale mail campaign, refer back to the last piece you mailed as reminder to your lead. Wording such as “Hello again, I’m reaching out to you again,” or “Hey, I’m surprised that I haven’t heard from you yet regarding …..”. And with your final mailing, add a urgent tone with something in the nature of “This is my final attempt ….”.

Selecting an Appropriate Schedule Is as Important For Your Wholesaling Mail Campaign

Your multi-touch campaign should be set up to mail the next one automatically, following a schedule you have decided. Depending on your lead list, the Notice of Default leads, you want them to get your mail piece in plenty of time. You should be sent a wholesale mail piece every two week for the first month and then ramped up to weekly. For your lead lists that needs more patience, like probate properties, every 6 weeks is frequent enough to be consistent and respectful.

For those wholesale leads that you aren’t sure about, the safe time is every four weeks, aiming for “pain point”, such as an absentee owner or the person that may be tired of collecting rent, paying utilities, taxes, etc. That “pain point” would be the first of the month to hit them at the most optimized timing.

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Your Wholesaling Mailing List – How To Choose The Best Area and List Type

If you’re looking to get a direct mail campaign together for your wholesale real estate business, Yellow Letters Complete can help. Direct mail campaigns are our forte and we can help you design one that will suit your needs and get you a response rate you want. But there are a few decisions to make before choosing the details of your campaign, like the colors and schedule of your direct mail piece. You also need to decide the area that you’re going to focus on and what type of leads that you want to target.

Getting Your Wholesale Direct Mail Campaign Started

Start by determining the type of mailing list you’re going to work from and how you are going to be able to help those prospects.  Are you equipped and ready to handle urgent timelines such as Notice of Default leads, the or is your strong suite probate leads, which can take a lot of patience, not to mention an emotional strength. There are benefits and here are difficulties on any list type, so you want to assess how you can help to those prospects and work those types of leads.

There are filters for mailing lists that will guide you to the ideal audience for your wholesaling real estate business. The filter can be used to target a specific age range, the purchase date, or even the market value. You can filter the number of bedrooms and size of house, as well as many other features, much like when you are shopping for a house. Filters will give you a mailing list that focuses on your targeted audience and keeps you on budget and on plan.

Your Targeted Wholesaling Area

Next, you need to choose the area that you want to focus on. The number of leads available will be dependent upon the area, rural or urban. A mailing list can be filtered by the types of leads as well as the competition for those leads. To have the most filters, you want to choose a larger area to target. Do this by choosing a single zip code and see how many filters are available. For many counties, you can get very specific with filter choices for a successful wholesaling real estate direct mail campaign.

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What to Say When Marketing to Probate Leads For your Real Estate Wholesaling Business

There are different types of leads for every business, and wholesale real estate business isn’t any different. Here at Yellow Letters Complete, we understand that and have source many types of leads, with a focus on absentee owned, high net worth, renters, and for business owners.

Probate leads have become in demand the past few years, and even though we do not source them, because of how different they are from other leads, we have been a help for wholesalers in creating the perfect direct mail campaign. The market conditions do not drive probate leads, meaning, whether or not there is a recession, probate leads are of great value.

Why Are Probate Leads Valuable To A Wholesaler?

A probate lead is an inherited property and the recipient is a potential seller, oftentimes from out of state, or even out of the country. It is common that the person who inherited the property has no need or use for it or may not be able financially or physically take care of the property.  As such, they are often willing to connect with somebody that can “help them” sell the property.

Where Can You Find Probate Leads To Wholesale?

There are many independent websites that sell probate leads, but as a real estate wholesaler, you want to be cautious using those. It is best to do your own research as probate leads are a highly valued lead, and you want to make sure you’re getting usable data that has value to it.

The best place to get probate leads is from the source itself, i.e. public records such as the county you want to work in. Probate leads are public record that anyone can access. Google is actually a good source to find out how probate properties are listed by each county.

After you have your probate leads, the next step is creating a multi touch mail campaign that will give you the highest number of responses possible for wholesaling. Yellow Letters Complete offers the following steps for setting up a successful wholesale campaign:

Market Your Probate Leads Successfully With These 4 Steps

The first thing as a real estate wholesaler is that you find out probate leads are more expensive than other leads. But they are worth the investment if you have patience and set up your marketing campaign with empathy, multi touch, and have a variety. Examples of these 4 steps are:

1. Your Wholesale Marketing Plan Needs Your Patience

When you decide to market probate leads, you need to have ample amount of patience. Remember, these are people that are going through a grieving process. Bombarding the will only push them away. Give them time and stay in contact.

2. Plan a Wholesaling Multitouch Campaign

There is a lot going on with probate leads and here at Yellow Letters Complete, we have discovered that by creating a way for your brand to stand out above the others and setting up multiple mailings is the most successful way. A multi touch campaign is professional and shows the potential client that you have serious interest in purchasing their inherited property.

3. Use a Variety of Media Types

Your multi touch wholesaling campaign needs to be more than postcards. Often, a white letter that includes a postcard that is hand-signed gets the best results, especially when a follow up postcard arrives two weeks later. If after a few week you still haven’t received a response, Yellow Letters Complete will send another white letter with your company logo.

4. Be Empathetic in Your Messaging

Our final suggestion is to show empathy above all else. Your letters shouldn’t be too informal, too short, and definitely not too aggressive. Probate leads take a totally different approach and showing empathy and sympathy for the loss of a loved one will put you above all others.

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Testing and Tracking Your Wholesaling Direct Mail Campaign

You have your target leads in place, created a wholesale marketing plan, and have a mail piece carefully crafted. But is your direct mail marketing ready to go? To ensure the continued success of your wholesale campaign, you want to test it first because not all campaigns are good for everyone and every market.

It takes experimenting to find which marketing technique will be the most effective for you, which is as crucial as tracking the results. How can you test your wholesale direct mail campaign?

Testing Your Wholesale Direct Mail

To test your wholesale area, create several mailing lists and several mail pieces. Then you’ll want to mix and match these until you find a winning combination that gets you the best results! Start your test with a different piece from a different geographic area or mailing list. To make this easier, Yellow Letters Complete can provide you mailing pieces and mailing lists to fit your wholesaling profile needs.

How to Track Your Wholesale Real Estate Campaigns

There are different methods that can track your results, such as these:

  • Your wholesale mail pieces can be a tracking tool simply by adding a tracking number on each mail piece, then refer to that tracking number each time you reach out to one of those prospects.
  • Your website can be a great tracking tool by including your website address on your direct wholesale mail pieces. This will not only give you tracking information from the mail pieces, but for your website itself.
  • Another great tool is your phone number by using a different phone number on each wholesale campaign, you’ll be able to judge the best performance so that you can replicate that direct mail wholesaling campaign.

How to Measure The Results From Your Wholesale Campaigns

The response rate is the most common way to measure campaign results which is measured by the number of responses you get divided by the number of direct mail pieces sent. When the response rate is what you wanted, that is when you change the mail piece up or work a different targeted area, or both!

Keep in mind that you should consider not only the response rate, but the results of those responses. If no sale out of the responses, then it wasn’t a successful direct wholesale campaign. A high conversion rate from the responses is what will determine you have a winning campaign!

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Options For Wholesaling Direct Mail Spring Time Pieces

Spring has arrived and now this is one of the best seasons to reach out and grab some more wholesale real estate clients! And Yellow Letters Complete has several mail piece options with a Spring flair that can help you do just that! From vibrant, Spring colors to graphics that look like you picked them right from a Spring garden, we have an option that will fit any wholesaling campaign.

Your Wholesale Spring Stationery

Spring accented stationery is the perfect way for your direct mail marketing campaign right now. We offer several Spring templates that will help your message to stand out and grab the attention of potential clients. If you don’t want to stay with the same old look, we can create a custom stationery that is different, like a preferred theme you have in mind.

Wholesaling Greeting Cards

Wholesale greeting cards can bring the Spring feel to your marketing campaign. We can customize a unique marketing approach, using an image you have envisioned that will make your message stand out and still have a fresh appearance.

Graphics For Wholesaling Marketing Campaign

Yellow Letters Complete can add your doodles or graphics to our existing postcards, typed letters, and our yellow letters. Add your personal doodle or a subtle image on a specific mail piece for your Spring wholesaling campaign is sure to capture the attention of potential clients.

Envelope Art For Your Wholesale Spring Campaign

To match the Spring season, we can put a Spring look to your envelopes with season themed graphics and keep your envelope truly hand addressed. The added Spring themed graphic will make your envelope stand out better, unique, and keep them feeling personal.

Spring Colors For Your Wholesaling Business

Even you don’t have or want to use Spring images to your wholesaling mail pieces, going with a subtle Spring color will still add a boost to your wholesaling Spring campaign. Yellow Letters Complete offers several color options for your card stock, envelopes, and paper choices with pastels or vibrant colors that pop.

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Wholesaling to Owners Facing Foreclosure

For the real estate wholesaler, time is money and anything that takes a lot of effort to get results is often a waste of time, thus a waste of money. So, here are few tips to help you make your yellow letter direct mail campaigns as effortless as possible so that you get more ROI from your efforts!

Believe it or not, just like probate properties, pre-foreclosure properties will have a better response to handwritten letter strategies for real estate wholesalers. Why? Because the same reason they work for probate properties – it makes the person(s) receiving the yellow letter feel like they have a personal connection with somebody that cares.  

What Should You Look For In Areas For Pre-Foreclosures Leads?

Think quality leads instead of quantity when it comes to leads. Focus on zip codes that will have the most foreclosures to create your target area.

Then get familiar with that area so that you can make informed decisions of the pre-foreclosure properties that you want to approach. The more you know about an area, such as new road construction or rezoning in the works that could have a negative impact on investment.

Get informed on local issues in the area you’re targeting, such as school district boundaries being realigned. These can often make a difference in resale value.  

Do your due diligence on any pre-foreclosure and house and determine it if is a “diamond in the rough” or is it a gem that promises high resale.  

What Now?

After you have identified and qualified the pre-foreclosure homes you want to target, it is time to contact the current owners with your yellow letter direct mail campaign. You may send out as many as a thousand annually, which seems like a lot. But if you can close ten to 15 of them with an average profit of $10,000 each, that’s pretty good business!

What Will Get You The Best Response?

Professionally written letters work best. This may require you to pay for a professional, but that is a small investment to make when you look at what you may get back in return.

If you don’t get an immediate response from your first effort, don’t be discouraged. Homeowners in pre-foreclosure are usually in denial or shock, even angry. Create a plan to contact them again every two weeks, then weekly as their foreclosure time nears.

Avoid form letters and postcards, make every yellow letter a personal letter, each time a little different, and always reference your previous letter.  

Each yellow letter should have your individual signature and always use a first-class stamp, not pre-printed postage. Use envelopes with “ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED” just under your address so if the owner as moved, the post office will have the address of the current owner.

Timing is everything and Saturday’s mail is usually received more receptively. By mailing your yellow letters on a Thursday, they will arrive on Saturday.

Appeal To The Owner’s Emotion With Empathy

Your yellow letter should have empathy for the owner. This is a difficult, hard time for them. You want them to feel you are on their side. Let them know how you can help such as offering them cash for their equity or assist them in finding a place to move to. Remind them by selling to you for cash will keep them out of foreclosure and it is on their credit for years.

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