$0.99 Yellow Letters


Yellow Letters Done For You, Just 99¢

Here is your chance to have your Yellow Letters prepared and mailed for you!!! Your letters will be professionally prepared with the seller’s name and property address personalized in each letter. Here’s what’s included in your done for you $0.99 Yellow Letter Marketing Package:
Each letter personalized with the homeowner’s name and property address
Letters mailed on auto-pilot to new leads every week (if mailing with our list)
Your letter verbiage customized to your needs, or choose one of our templates
Your contact information on the letter so they can contact you directly
Hand addressed invitation envelope for optimal results
Return address label on the back of the envelope
Choice of Standard Mail Postage or First Class Postage
Choice of red, blue or black ink
Letters prepared and mailed for you
All you have to do is answer your phone!

You can have your entire Motivated Seller Marketing Campaign prepared for you, so you can use your time more effectively! You can even have follow up letters or postcards mailed out for you, too. Everything is done for you automatically. If you are not completely convinced this offer is for you, just read the testimonials from other customers who are using yellow letter marketing to find motivated sellers. If you would like to mail to your own list, please provide it in either Excel or CSV format.

Our first round was a huge success….we got a deal with a $21,500 profit! – Kris G.

I’ve had a great response so far – too many calls for me to handle!’ – Zach S.

I have received 70 phone calls and they are still coming in.’ – Sue P.

You guys mailed out my letters on Friday, and by Tuesday my phone was blowing up.’ – Shawn R.

I just made $10,000 from the first batch of letters I sent and I have a few possibilities from the second round.’ – Brian H.

99¢ Yellow Letter Marketing Packages, Rush Processing Included!

Proofs approved on Tuesday mail Friday, proofs approved by Noon CST on Thursday mail Monday
Item Minimum Envelopes Hand Addressd By A Person Handwritten Font Envelopes Minimum Order Now
Yellow Letters with Hand Addressed Envelopes 100 ORDER NOW  79¢  1000  ORDER NOW
Yellow Letters: 2 Touch Campaign 100 ORDER NOW $1.53 1000 ORDER NOW
99¢ Yellow Letter 3 Touch Campaign (Your List) 250 ORDER NOW $2.27 1000 ORDER NOW
4 Touch Campaign w Your List (3 99¢ Yellow Letters and 1 Postcard) 250 ORDER NOW $2.76 1000 ORDER NOW
5 Touch Campaign w Your List (4 99¢ yellow letters and 1 Postcard) 250 ORDER NOW $3.65 1000 ORDER NOW
YES, we can do custom quantities! For custom quantities or campaigns under 250 letters please email info@yellowletterscomplete.com or call 1-888-294-0780.

Multi-Touch Campaigns on Auto-pilot

First Class vs Standard Rate Stamps

Both First Class Stamps and Standard Stamps are sticky stamps that are affixed to the envelope. Both will get your letter to its destination. Here’s what’s different:

  • Delivery speed: First Class Stamps will generally get your letter delivered within 1 to 5 business days, while Standard Stamps can take up to 30 days. A tighter delivery time frame can help you better control when your letters land.
  • Postmarks: First Class Stamps get postmarked, while Standard Stamps generally do not. The postmark can give your letter more credibility and get your letter opened. If we use Standard postage we will mail the letters out for you and the person receiving it will usually think the letter was mailed from the return address.

What’s the difference between the $0.99 Yellow Letters and the premium Yellow Letters?

Our 99¢ Yellow Letters are very similar to our other yellow letters. The main difference is that our 99¢ Yellow Letters are created using a real person’s handwriting that was loaded into a computer which then prints out the letters, while our normal yellow letters are created using real handwriting and are personalized by hand.

We hand address each envelope, and we also put a return address label on each envelope. We use your choice of a normal First Class Stamp or a Standard Rate Stamp (both are actual stamps that are affixed to the envelope). These letters can be sent to your list or one that we provide.

Check Out Some Pre-Tested Yellow Letter Templates Here

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